Fnatic’s Valorant team “plagued by sickness” as unlucky VCT season continues

Daniel Appleford
Fnatic Valorant

Fnatic’s luck in 2024 continues to dwindle as they’re hit with a wave of sickness before the start of the EMEA VCT.

Fnatic went from winning two international trophies to not qualifying for Masters Madrid within a year. Now the Fnatic issues continue with an opening 0-2 loss to Team Heretics.

Despite Fnatic’s attempt to bring the series back through a hard-fought overtime, the team wasn’t able to close it out.

Shortly after the loss, Fnatic’s team director gave some insight into what the team had been facing up until the match.

“Just to give some context (not excuse) we were plagued by sickness this week (stomach flu, people throwing up & sleeping on bathroom floors),” explained Fnatic CoJo. “We didn’t practice Sunday or Monday, were w/o coaches 3 days last week, and had 2-3 days of half days. The last full strength practice day was last week Monday. But yeah sh*t happens, we go again, can’t control it.”

Fans of the team were quick to respond with well-wishes for the team. Although not everyone was convinced that the sickness was the only thing to blame for the loss.

“I understand the sickness, but man, our strats feel off since Tokyo. I mean, it’s not only this game.” argued one fan.

After Fnatic’s loss to Karmine Corp to miss out on Masters Madrid, the loss to Team Heretics marks a new low for one of the most successful teams in EMEA.

Since the current roster formed, Fnatic hasn’t lost two official VCT series in a row. A start that doesn’t show what the team had been able to achieve in the off-season after winning the Red Bull Home Ground.

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