CSGO pro s1mple slams the Operator as “the worst weapon” in Valorant

S1mple Valorant OperatorStarladder, Riot Games

Valorant’s most expensive sniper rifle, the Operator, can be either a menace or a total failure. NaVi’s iconic legendary CS:GO AWPer, Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev, downright hates it.

There will always be a debate between CS:GO and Valorant fans as to which game reigns supreme. With the battle lines drawn, players of each respective game love to trash talk their rival.

With a host of current and former CS:GO pros making their way onto Future Earth, it’s interesting to see how their skills translate.

One of these is s1mple, currently the AWPer for NaVi. The Ukrainian bombshell has quite a lot to say about the Operator, most comparable to CS:GO’s AWP.

s1mple slams Valorant sniper

Operator in ValorantRiot Games
s1mple really isn’t a fan of the Operator.

While testing out his Valorant muscles on Split, the CS:GO icon is constantly being assaulted by enemies using the Operator, and while they’re one-shotting him, he’s not quite having the same effect.

After being instantly killed by the enemy Jett, he refers to the weapon as “opera-f**king sh*t weapon,” and proceeds to call it the “worst weapon in this game.”

“It’s like: ‘Riot: Hm, Operator is too OP, let noobs with Op, they just need to stay, hide and kill.” Citing the fact that you “can’t move” with the gun as being stupid, and quickly showcasing what he means, it’s pretty clear that he has little love for one of Valorant’s most iconic weapons.

While it might seem easy to attack s1mple due to his inexperience playing Valorant, it’s important to note that he’s still a professional player. We’ve seen CS:GO talents easily cross over into Valorant before, and usually, these players dominate.

If the Ukrainian can’t get to grips with how the Operator works, it suggests that new players would struggle even more. S1mple thinks that the gun should be more user-friendly, especially because many first-time Agents will be tempted to pick it up because of the alluring high price point.

It’ll be interesting to see if Riot take is feedback on board, but until then, he’s still with the ‘opera-f**king shit weapon.”