CSGO legend nitr0 once again returns to Valorant with M80

Daniel Appleford

American CSGO legend nitr0 has once again returned to the Valorant scene by joining M80 for the upcoming Ascension league.

Nitr0 is no stranger to the competitive Valorant scene after joining 100 Thieves in 2020. He won First Strike America for the organization and brought them to their first international tournament in the year he was with them.

However, in January 2022, he “retired” from Valorant to return to CSGO on Team Liquid. He had mixed results once returning to the team that won him a Grand Slam. Outside of a second-place finish at the BLAST Premier World Final in 2022, the team struggled to get much else done.

Instead of returning to Valorant in the tier-one scene, nitr0 will have to again prove himself in the Ascension league. This time, he’s on a team that has cemented itself as one of the best in the tier-two scene.

M80 revamp its roster with nitr0 and BcJ

Nitr0 was not the only new addition to the team before the 2024 season. In addition to bringing back a CSGO champion, M80 secured former Evil Genisus substitute player BcJ. The two will accompany the core three players who almost secured the organization a slot in the Americas league.

The community has received the roster announcement well, with comments saying that the team is ‘so back’ and commending the organization on the short film they produced. The official Team Liquid CSGO Twitter/X account also chimed in with their own feelings about the announcement.

“Take good care of nitr0 for us,” said Team Liquid.

The Valorant Challengers returns in February and will run throughout 2024 with two stages, which include two sets of playoffs and promotions/relegations. Riot Games has yet to reveal a specific start date.

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