Boaster’s funniest moments in the VCT Stage 2 Masters press conference

Brad Norton
Boaster's best moments in the VCT Masters press conference

There’s no denying that Fnatic’s Valorant IGL Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett has made a name for himself as the scene’s biggest jokester, so we’ve bundled together his funniest moments from the VCT Stage 2 Masters press conference.

Having once been a popular vlogger, Boaster’s energetic personality has helped turn him into one of the most amusing Valorant pros in the world. While his in-game strats speak for themselves, his quirky comments and hilarious antics outside the server add to the entertainment.

Unsurprisingly, he stole the spotlight during Valorant’s first international. Here’s a compilation of his funniest moments from the pre-show press conference.

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