Yellowstone Season 5 set for delay amid Kevin Costner drama

Kevin Costner in YellowstoneParamount

Don’t expect a release date for the second half of Yellowstone Season 5 soon – filming has yet to begin amid behind-the-scenes drama with Kevin Costner.

Yellowstone is the flagship series of Taylor Sheridan’s Western empire, and right now, it seems like it’s crumbling under the weight of disagreements with Kevin Costner, the show’s lead star.

He’s hard at work on Horizon, Costner’s four-part, big-screen epic Western project. Understandably, he wants to commit as much time to it as possible, and Yellowstone may be the casualty of his fixation.

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It was recently reported that the series may end sooner rather than later, with Matthew McConaughey stepping up as the franchise’s new headliner. Now, concerns are emerging over when the current season will actually reach viewers’ screens.

Yellowstone Season 5 may not return this summer

Yellowstone Season 5 last aired on New Year’s Day with its eighth episode, and fans have been eagerly checking their TV schedules for Episode 9.

Here’s the problem: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Costner is refusing to commit “more than a single week” to finishing the season, so it’s looking like it will be delayed.

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Kevin Costner in Yellowstone Season 5Paramount

“Yellowstone’s second half of the season is supposed to begin filming in March, but sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that hitting that mark is looking increasingly doubtful,” the report says.

“The dispute raises the startling possibility that the most watched drama on TV could end prematurely. (Sources say the show would not end immediately over a Costner exit.)”

At this point, there’s a possibility McConaughey could step into Yellowstone as its new lead, rather than starring at the head of a spinoff in its wake.

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Costner recently took home a Golden Globe for his performance as the Dutton patriarch, but he didn’t mention the show nor thank Sheridan in his speech.

You can find out more about when to expect Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 9 here, and check out the rest of our coverage here.

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