Who is Steven Yeun playing in the MCU movie Thunderbolts?

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Now that he has been cast in the upcoming movie Thunderbolts, who could we see Steven Yeun playing in the MCU?

Steven Yeun rose to fame as Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead, and has since propelled that iconic character into a role in Minari that earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Also well-known for starring in Jordan Peele’s Nope and playing the voice of Mark Grayson in the show Invincible, Yeun has long been fan-casted by Marvel heads for a role in the MCU.

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With the recent news that Yeun is joining the universe in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie, fans have run wild speculating who he could be portraying. Deadline reports that the character Yeun has signed on for will be “a part that is significant in the MCU.”

The question is, then, which character could that be.

Who will Steven Yeun play in Thunderbolts and the MCU?

Steven Yeun’s character has not been officially confirmed by Marvel as of yet. However, given that Yeun has been cast in Thunderbolts, fans are already speculating that he could be playing the role of Sentry, who has long been rumored to be the antagonist to the Thunderbolts team.

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However, Ryan Gosling has also been rumored to be attached to the role of Sentry and this does not seem like the type of character who would be central to the MCU going forward.

Steven YeunTeam CoCo
Who will Steven Yeun play in the MCU?

Another possibility for Yeun would be for the Spider-Man villain Mister Negative. While the fancasting for this role has been quite strong, as Martin Li is one of the more notable Asian leads in Marvel, it seems unlikely that Sony would allow one of their characters to be a central figure of one of Marvel’s biggest upcoming projects.

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Finally, with speculation of a World War Hulk movie in production, and the fact that Thunderbolts will potentially see Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross become the Red Hulk, Yeun could end up being Amadeus Cho, a character who crossed paths with both Ross and Banner in the comics.

We will update this space once Yeun’s role in Thunderbolts and the MCU is confirmed.

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