What to expect from Violent Night 2: Director Tommy Wirkola teases Rudolph & Mrs Claus in sequel

Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerNBC

Violent Night is a festive flick that turns Santa Claus into an action hero. The film creates a new mythology for the character, which director Tommy Wirkola wants to explore further in Violent Night 2.

David Harbour plays a very different sort of Santa Claus in Violent Night. Rather than being a big jolly guy dispensing presents, his Claus is a big tough guy dispensing death.

The film depicts his Viking history via flashback, where Claus was a cold-blooded killer, and there’s certainly more of that story to be explored should the movie get a sequel.

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But there are also aspects of his life alluded to and mentioned that we never actually see, and they too are likely to form the backbone of a Violent Night 2, as director Tommy Wirkola explains. So beware of Violent Night spoilers ahead.

Expect to see Mrs. Claus and the elves in Violent Night 2

First up, we asked Wirkola if he’d be interested in making a sequel. “Oh yeah for sure,” came the response. “Knock on wood people embrace it and go and see it. I think we all feel if we are lucky we’d love to tell another story or two in this world. We have some ideas.”

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At the end of the movie, Mrs Claus sends Santa his sleigh along with a weapon and note, so she will come into play, as Wirkola explains: “We didn’t see Santa’s workshop or the elves or Mrs Claus of course – there’s a lot of possibilities.

“Those thing are so important for Santa and Santa mythology and to try and find our own spin on those things I think would be a lot of fun.”

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Where is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Rudolph also gets a mention in the movie, but noticeably isn’t pulling Santa’s sleigh. Which begs the question – where is the red-nosed reindeer?

“We don’t know,” says Wirkola. “It’s a little bit of a mystery, and if we’re lucky enough to do another one, maybe we can visit that in a possible sequel.”

When pressed on the matter, Wirkola adds: “Maybe he’s turned into stew at this point. Maybe he’s retired and he’s training new reindeer to pull the sleigh in the correct way. There’s a lot of possibilities.”

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Violent Night is in cinemas now and you can read our review here.

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