Uncharted fans want justice after “perfect” The Last of Us show

Cameron Frew
Stills from The Last of Us and Mark Wahlberg in the Uncharted movieHBO/Sony

While The Last of Us has already established itself as one of the best TV shows of the year, Uncharted fans have been left seething – they want the adaptation they deserve.

After just two episodes, the consensus is clear: The Last of Us HBO show has pulled it off. In a genre full of blunders and turkeys, this is the new benchmark.

Of course, it’s not the first Naughty Dog game to be adapted for the screen – that goes to Uncharted, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg’s swashbuckling, underwhelming 2022 movie.

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With praise of the show mounting each week, gamers are growing more resentful of the Uncharted movie and other video game adaptations.

Uncharted fans depressed over The Last of Us show

A meme format has emerged, with several people attaching different clips to the following tweet: “Uncharted fans watching The Last of Us get a HBO 1:1 adaption while they got Mark Wahlberg.”

Clips include, but aren’t limited to: Tommy Shelby putting a gun to his head, Homelander still and emotionless in the cinema, Doctor Octopus screaming, and a scene of a character shooting themselves from You Were Never Really Here.

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“I wish Naughty Dog had loved its source material from Uncharted as much as they do The Last of Us because an actually good uncharted movie/show would be phenomenal,” one user wrote.

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“The Last of Us is everything I wish the Uncharted movie was like,” another wrote. “The Last of Us is a masterpiece and since Naughty Dog know how to do adaptations so well what the f*ck went wrong with Uncharted,” a third tweeted.

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Uncharted has a 42% Rotten Tomatoes. While mostly inoffensive, it didn’t match up to the caliber of the games, boasting some of the finest sequences across the PlayStation generations. Also, Holland’s Nathan Drake managed to squeak by, but Mark Wahlberg as Sully remains a huge casting mistake.

“Still can’t believe there was an Uncharted movie where f*cking Mark Wahlberg (of the Wahlburgers restaurant chain) played Sully… like that actually happened,” one wrote.

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“Insane how badly Uncharted was fumbled, the pieces were all there for them to make a big blockbuster series but instead of using those pieces, they picked like three of em then decided to form their own sh*t out of action movie mulch and Mark Wahlberg,” another wrote.

Episode 3 of The Last of Us will be available to watch on January 29 in the US and January 30 in the UK. You can check out the rest of our coverage here, and the trailer for the weeks ahead here.

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