Tom Cruise reveals when he’ll stop making Mission Impossible movies

Chris Tilly
Tom Cruise and Vanessa Kirby in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One.Paramount Pictures

Tom Cruise says he wants to keep making Mission Impossible movies for the next 20 years, citing Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford as an inspiration.

As well as being a hugely successful film series, the Mission: Impossible franchise is also one of the most long-running.

The first film, Mission: Impossible, was directed by Brian De Palma and released in 1996. That was followed by sequels every few years, with new directors like John Woo, J.J. Abrams, Brad Bird, and now Christopher McQuarrie keeping the franchise fresh and vital.

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Tom Cruise has been the consistent element throughout, and on the eve of Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One hitting screens, the star has been hinting at how long he can keep making the M:I movies.

Tom Cruise reveals when he’ll stop making Mission Impossible movies

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald at the Australian premiere for Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One, Tom Cruise said: “Harrison Ford is a legend – I hope to be still going – I’ve got 20 years to catch up with him. I hope to keep making Mission: Impossible films until I’m his age.”

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Cruise is referencing the fact that, at 80, Harrison Ford starred in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Cruise just celebrated his 61st birthday, so that means we’ve potentially got another two decades of Mission: Impossible movies to come, which would take the franchise into the 2040s.

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In the same interview, Cruise also talks up the cinematic experience, revealing that he’ll watch both Barbie and Oppenheimer on opening weekend, and saying: “I grew up seeing movies on the big screen. That’s how I make them, and I like that experience; it’s immersive, and to have that as a community and an industry, it’s important. I still go the movies.”

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Is Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One good?

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One hits screens next week, and we had this to say about the movie in the 4-star Dexerto review:

“McQuarrie and Cruise’s finest hour is still Fallout, but this is an embarrassment of action riches, even in the wake of John Wick Chapter 4. The Rome car chase is one of the best ever filmed, the oft-hyped motorcycle base jump is an insane feat of filmmaking, and the train sequence is full of franchise highs; this is also the movie at its best, where the juggling of plot, emotions, and awe-inspiring chaos is seamless.”

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Mission: Impossible 7 hits cinemas on July 10 in the UK and July 12 in the US. Find out more about the movie here.

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