Why isn’t The Last of Us Episode 10 on tonight?

Joel in The Last of Us Episode 9HBO

Why isn’t The Last of Us Episode 10 on tonight? HBO’s adaptation reached its ninth episode last week, but can viewers expect to tune in again next week?

In our review of Episode 9, we said: “Craft, reverence, and two immaculate performances from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have made this a very special moment in TV, indeed.”

After narrowly escaping Silver Lake, Joel and Ellie have finally made it to their last stop: Salt Lake City, where they reunite with Marlene at the Fireflies hospital.

If you watched it last week and can’t wait for more, newcomers may still be wondering: is this the end, or will there be an Episode 10?

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Spoilers for The Last of Us to follow…

Will there be a Last of Us Episode 10?

We have bad news if you were excited for The Last of Us Episode 10: it doesn’t exist. Season 1 came to a close with Episode 9, so you’ll need to wait for Season 2.

Episode 9 closes the chapter on this part of Joel and Ellie’s story. After reaching the hospital, Joel finds out Ellie will be killed in the operation to develop a vaccine from her brain. Instead of leaving as ordered by Marlene, he kills her and everyone else in the hospital, before taking Ellie back to Jackson.

While it’s unclear how much of Part 2 will be adapted in the second season – co-showrunner Craig Mazin has already said he expects multiple seasons in order to tell its story – we can expect a jump forward in time. If Season 2 matches the game, we’ll find Joel and Ellie five years later – but that’s all we’re saying for now.

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The Last of Us Season 1 is available to stream in its entirety now. You can check out the rest of our coverage here.