Sylvester Stallone reveals huge Tulsa King Season 2 plot detail

Gabriela Silva
Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King Season 1 as Dwight

Tulsa King ended with Dwight in a major pickle that led him to be taken away in handcuffs, and Season 2 will be heated drama thanks to the reveal of plot details.

Dwight had cemented himself in Tulsa as the new mob king and broke away from his New York connections, not to mention his rekindled relationship with his daughter.

But drama ensued when Dwight’s love interest Stacy, an ATF agent, betrays him. She gives her bosses the necessary information to take Dwight down for bribery.

Fans have been on the edge of their seats since Season 1 ended, and Sylvester Stallone gave fans an update on Instagram on Tulsa King Season 2 and where the storyline is headed.

On set, he reveals Dwight will be in court for the crimes he’s been accused of. But the real drama occurs as Stallone explains his character will represent himself.

“I have to appeal my case. And I’m my own lawyer, so that could turn out good or bad,” said the actor.

The plot detail will surely make for an interesting season as Dwight had only recently been released from jail at the start of Season 1. He had served 25 years for a murder on behalf of the mob. When he was released, he was banished to Tulsa.

Amid establishing his own mob, there’s no denying that Dwight ran into some problems, from a few biker murders to illegal business, that will likely cause a problem as he defends his case in court.

There’s also the added drama that Tulsa King Season 2 will see the arrival of a new big bad in the form of Bill Bevilaqua, a Kansas mobster looking to make his own name for himself in Tulsa.

On top of that, Chickie, the new head of the Invernizzi family, will likely seek revenge against Dwight for leaving.

Stalone also revealed in the Instagram video that Season 2 will be released in early September on Paramount+. You can read about the drama that happened on set and new series to stream.

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