SAG-AFTRA secures intimacy coordinators for on-set work

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After striking for better pay and working conditions, one win SAG-AFTRA has guaranteed is the presence of intimacy coordinators on set.

After over 100 days, the SAG-AFTRA strikes are finally over. Many shows and movies which had been delayed can now get back on track, as actors and Hollywood studios have finally come to an agreement.

These terms of agreement include better wages, streaming residuals, the limited use of AI, and improved on-set working conditions.

Two points of contention for these working conditions were the implementation of more diverse stylists, as well as intimacy co-ordinators.

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SAG-AFTRA union secures intimacy coordinators

As stated in a tweet by DiscussingFilm, SAG-AFTRA has secured “Requirement for intimacy coordinators present for scenes involving nudity & simulated sex.”

This implementation of more intimacy co-ordinators will help prevent sexual exploitation of actors onscreen, which has been a topic of discussion over the past few years.

While the demand for an intimacy coordinator has been debated by some industry professionals, with actors such as Michael Caine not seeing them as necessary, a lot of the response to this win by SAG-AFTRA – along with their securement of proper on-set stylists for people of diverse hair and complexions – has been positive, as can be seen through the comments on the initial tweet:

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What are intimacy coordinators?

Intimacy coordinators provide direction, guidance, and support to a production’s depiction of nudity and sex, securing a safer and more consensual environment for the actors partaking in those scenes.

SAG-AFTRA has a page dedicated to the role on their website, detailing that “As industry professionals, intimacy coordinators work closely with production personnel to realize the director’s vision while promoting adherence to safety related terms and conditions.”

The union goes on to explain that the requirements of the position include the following:

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  • Consent training
  • Anti-harassment/anti-sexual harassment training
  • Movement coaching and masking techniques
  • Proper use of modesty garments and barriers
  • Mediation or conflict resolution training
  • Gender identity & sexual orientation training
  • Anti-racist/EDI training
  • Bystander intervention
  • Mental health first aid, trauma stewardship, or related training
  • Must have a state and federal background check.
  • Experience and an ability to adapt and implement the role’s responsibilities, functions and protocols on a variety of sets

For more information about the role and responsibilities of an intimacy coordinator as dictated by SAG-AFTRA, click here.

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