Rings of Power’s Warg scene has fans raging with hilarious comparisons

Rings-of-Power-Episode-3-warg-Lord-of-the-rings-fans-react-comparisonsAmazon Prime Video

Rings of Power aired its third episode on Amazon Prime Video, and while much of the story is an emotional journey, a surprisingly clunky bit of CGI has fans making hilarious comparisons.

The third episode of Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power leaves Durin and Elrond behind to focus specifically on Galadriel, Nori, and Arondir. The high-intensity action from previous episodes slows as Galadriel and her companion Halbrand are rescued from the sea, opening the door to plot-rich story-telling and beautiful landscape scenes.

However, while Galadriel wanders Numenor and rides alongside the shorelines, life is much less forgiving for the captive Elf Arondir, who is being held in an Orc compound in The Southlands. Reunited with his battalion and family, they must find a way to escape and warn the world about the things they have seen.

However, Rings of Power fans are yanked from the harrowing experience near the end of the episode. In an attempt to protect an old tree from destruction, Arondir and his companions find themselves standing off against the Orcs after a member of their group is murdered. The intense action scene quickly escalates, and the Orcs back away to “release the Warg”.

Lord-Of-The-Rings-Warg-Rings-Of-PowerAmazon Prime Video
The Warg appears in The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

Unfortunately, the beast that erupts from the shadows is not what Lord of the Rings fans were expecting.

What is a Warg in Lord of the Rings?

The creature known as a Warg in Lord of the Rings is a type of demonic wolf used by Orcs.

They are known for their fierce, wolf-like appearances, and have been seen in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies as well as the Hobbit trilogy. They have a mouthful of sharp teeth and are terrifying to witness in battle.

However, the Warg that erupts from the Orc hideout in Rings of Power is anything but terrifying, and Twitter user MelonieMac has shared a post that perfectly captures the clunky, Hyena-esque monstrosity that begins mauling prisoners.

Dozens of Lord of the Rings fans have responded to the hilarious image, with VectorRoll commenting “Some Wargs are wolf like while others look more hyena like. I remember reading that its speculated to be among the creators bred by Margoth. So this one could be a failed experiment as it looks to be bred with one of the ugliest dogs known to man. I admit I laughed when I saw its face”.

The post is followed by the Rings of Power Warg compared to past renditions of the beast in other films, and then to the image of a Chinese Crested dog.

Other users like ThorGGtisme have compared the Warg to the Hyena Ed from Disney’s animated film The Lion King, while Vaweber765 added “The Warg” followed by a clip of a hairy creature licking a caged window.

Additionally, a reply from JorshFernandez shows a warped image of a Chihuahua, with the eyes slowly bugging in the same way the Warg’s seem to as its jaw opens wide when showing its teeth to the audience and its eventual victims.

While many aspects of Rings of Power offer stunning and satisfying cinematography, the sudden appearance of the CGI monster hound seems to have gone off poorly with many viewers. While it can be tricky to insert unique fantasy creatures into a TV series, the effect seems to have been more hilarious than intimidating.

Hopefully, future depictions of Tolkien’s fearsome beasts will be more immersive, and leave fans trembling with anticipation instead of laughter.