Pretty Little Liars cast called out for “stealing” podcast name

Alice Sjöberg
Podcaster call out Pretty Little Liars actors

Podcast hosts Caroline and Phoebe Connell, have accused two Pretty Little Liars actors of “stealing” their podcast name, Pretty Little Podcast – a show they’ve been running under the same name for over two years.

On Tuesday, April 9, Pretty Little Liars actors Lindsey Shaw and Tammin Sursok announced that they were the hosts of a new podcast called Pretty Little Podcast where they would watch the show and share their experiences of filming.

However, not everyone was happy with the news, as the actors were accused of stealing the name from another podcast.

The Pretty Little Podcast host, Caroline Connell, went on TikTok to explain how two actors from the Pretty Little Liars were “stealing” their podcast name, despite them having hosted their show for over two years.

She said that she and her sister, Phoebe Connell, started their podcast, the Pretty Little Podcast, two years ago and so far have over 100 episodes published, as well as merch available for fans to buy.

“We’ve really built our brand from the ground up,” she said. “So yeah, seeing a podcast led by two celebrities with the same name as yours – kind of a bummer, but maybe they’re about different things? Of course they’re not.”

Caroline explained that her and her sister’s podcast was about recapping every episode of the show while also discussing pop culture things in general, whereas, according to the Instagram post, Lindsey and Tammin’s podcast would also look back on each episode of the show but would also talk more about the true crime on the side of it.

She went on to say that this would be a problem for her and her sister, since as soon as Lindsey and Tammin release their first episode, Caroline and Phoebe’s podcast won’t show up on Google anymore.

“They’re gonna bury us,” she said.

As more and more people gathered in the comments of the actors’ announcement on Instagram to talk about how there was already a podcast with that name and that they should pick a new name, the comments soon started to take over, which made Tammin reply.

When asked to change the name, she said: “It goes through a network that has nothing to do with us.”

Pretty Little Liars actors are starting their own podcast
Lindsey Shaw and Tammin Sursok have teased fans about their podcast on Instagram

Soon after this, the producers of the podcast reached out to Caroline and Phoebe. In a message, they wrote that they didn’t know that there was another podcast with that name and claimed it was “too late” for them to change the name now.

They also went on to claim that’s fine as it’s a “totally different show” with true crime elements and interiews with the rest of the PLL cast members. The message then ended with them saying that Caroline and Phoebe could come on in an episode in their new podcast.

However, Caroline told the viewers she was skeptical to their message as since their podcast had a whole production team behind it, she thought someone would’ve googled the name before deciding on it.

The production team soon made their own comment, which said that Caroline and Phoebe had agreed to do a podcast swap where they would go on each other’s podcasts, and that everything would be good after that – something that Caroline never agreed to.

They have yet to make another comment about the situation, and whether or not they will change the name of their podcast. Meanwhile, Caroline and Phoebe have been urged by commentors to either send them a cease and desist letter, or to put a trademark on Pretty Little Podcast so the name can’t be used by others.