Matilda the Musical fans rave over Emma Thompson’s “terrifying” Miss Trunchbull

Cameron Frew
Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda the Musical

Emma Thompson has thrown down the hammer as Miss Trunchbull in Netflix’s Matilda the Musical, and viewers think she’s “fantastic” and “terrifying.”

Matilda the Musical, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic book and Tim Minchin’s stage show of the same name, is streaming on Netflix now, in which is has currently hit the top 10 list.

Coming more than 25 years after the original movie, which starred Pam Ferris as the villainous headmistress, Thompson has stepped into her shoes for the musical with an imposing, jaw-dropping transformation.

After the film hit Netflix on Christmas Day, viewers have taken to social media to rave over the actress’ performance, hailing it as a worthy successor to Ferris’ iconic turn.

Emma Thompson is “amazing” as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda

One viewer wrote: “Emma Thompson, who I love typically, is so good as Trunchbull that I am so mad every time she’s on screen.”

“#MatildaTheMusical was so good! Emma Thompson was fantastic as the Trunchbull. Loved Miss Honey & Matilda, too. Really amazing production as well,” another wrote.

“I’m watching #MatildaTheMusicalNetflix and I cannot BELIEVE this is Emma Thompson. Shout out to hair & makeup! Anyway, it’s cute and good so far and much like the movie from the 90s, Trunchbull has the best/funniest lines,” a third tweeted.

“It is an extraordinary musical with great performances by Lashana Lynch & especially by Emma Thompson. Emma knocked it out of the park and gave us a terrifying Trunchbull!” a fourth wrote.

“Emma Thompson as Trunchbull will forever live in my head rent-free. She’s so amazing what a great performance,” another tweeted.

In our review, we said Thompson was on “scene-stealing form” as Miss Trunchbull, playing her with “black-hearted glee.”

Matilda the Musical is streaming on Netflix now.