Jamie Lee Curtis reveals why she’s “afraid” to do Marvel movies

Jamie Lee Curtis in Knives Out and a poster for Marvel's Doctor Strange 2Lionsgate/Marvel Studios

While she’s open to the idea, Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed why she’s “afraid” to do a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s easy to forget just how many of the world’s biggest stars have been ensnared by Marvel in one way or another; do you remember who Laurence Fishburne, Tommy Lee Jones, and Glenn Close play?

So, in interviews with actors who’ve never appeared in the franchise, it’s to be expected that they’ll be asked about their thoughts on joining the MCU.

Curtis isn’t exactly a stranger to action: she starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies, aka one of the greatest films ever made; in Halloween and Halloween Kills, she’s pretty handy with a gun; and in Everything Everywhere All at Once, she tussles with Michelle Yeoh.

Jamie Lee Curtis is “afraid” of one thing in a Marvel movie

During an interview with People, Curtis said she’d be open to appearing in a Marvel movie if the call came in.

She said: “Honestly, I can’t imagine that they will ever come calling because I kicked up some dust.

“But I’m a collaborating artist. I work with a lot of people on a lot of different things, and if the role was interesting and if I could bring what I do to it, of course I would [work with Marvel]. What am I going to do, say no? Of course!”

However, Curtis added: “I’m afraid if I do a Marvel movie, they’re going to stick dots all over me and make me act by myself in a warehouse somewhere.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once was the absolutely most unexpected, delightful experience maybe of my career, just because the expectations were so low and I was so free in the work and just had a blast making it. And there was no green screen!”

Jamie Lee Curtis pokes fun at “Marvel-less” Doctor Strange 2

Amid the theatrical release of Everything Everywhere All at Once, the superior multiverse movie of 2022, Curtis made a playful jab at Doctor Strange 2.

Writing alongside a side-by-side of Doctor Strange 2’s “copycat” poster, her Instagram post read: “Is it JUST me? Does it seem STRANGE that our tiny movie that could and did and continues to do ##1movieinamerica and is TRULY MARVELOUS, out marvels any Marvel movie they put out there.”

A screenshot of Jamie Lee Curtis' Marvel Instagram postJamie Lee Curtis/Instagram
Jamie Lee Curtis said Everything Everywhere All at Once “out marvels” any Marvel movie.

She also ended the post with the hashtag: “#guessiwillneverbecastinamarvelmovie.”

In her recent interview, she addressed the “feud”, explaining: “I have nothing against Marvel as an entity. I’ve seen a lot of Marvel movies.

“What I was talking about is that Everything Everywhere All at Once was a little movie that could… and [we] were able to tell a multiverse story that really touched people. What I was trying to talk about was it doesn’t have to be a Marvel movie in order to be a spectacle and to really move you.

“Maybe I felt like stirring up a little friendly competition. And you can’t have a company called Marvel without somebody making fun of it and calling it Marvel-less. I mean, I think we out-marveled Marvel.”