Is She-Hulk a Mutant? X-Men theory, explained

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
Jenn walters in She-Hulk and the X-Men Comics

The MCU is setting up a future X-Men movie, and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law suggests that Jenn Walters may be a part of that. SPOILERS FOR SHE-HULK EPISODE 1 AHEAD…

The MCU loves to hint at future projects within their works, and their newest Disney+ show, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, is no different.

She-Hulk follows Jenn Walters (Tatiana Maslany), a lawyer who also happens to be a hulk, as she attempts to survive the courtroom, her dating life, and those who keep trying to attack her.

While the origin of her powers are shown within the first episode of the series, there is a chance that there could be something deeper happening. Something mutant. Let us explain…

Is She-Hulk a mutant?

In the beginning of the show, we see how Jenn gets her powers. While driving with her cousin Bruce Banner – AKA the Hulk – the pair run into a space craft, which causes the car to tumble off the road. Both of them get cut up by the accident, and when Jenn attempts to pull Bruce out of the wreckage, his gamma-radiated blood mixes into hers, causing her to become the She-Hulk.

Simple enough, and considering that they are already blood related, it makes sense for her powers to come about this way. However, there is clearly something else going on.

When testing her new powers, and Jenn’s surprising amount of control over her hulk form, Bruce mentions an anomaly with her blood. Specifically, that her blood is able to synthesize gamma, which may be what makes her hulk persona different from his.

This could just be a non-consequential comment, but doesn’t this situation feel familiar?

Ms. Marvel has already hinted at mutants

Ms. Marvel, another relatively new Marvel show on Disney+, saw the character of Kamala Khan – AKA Ms. Marvel – gain powers genetically, but for some reason she was also granted extra abilities in comparison to the rest of her family. Similar to Jenn’s She-Hulk.

Turns out that the reason for this was exactly what She-Hulk may be hinting at. In the series finale of Ms. Marvel, Kamala is told by her best friend Bruno that when examining her genes, he found something odd. He states, “Kamala, there’s something different in your genes… like, a mutation.”

And to cement this moment, if you listen carefully, you can hear the iconic X-Men theme song playing in the background.

No doubt this means that Kamala is a mutant. So who’s to say that Jenn couldn’t be one either, especially as the MCU likes to play with their superhero’s powers and origins to fit the larger story.

Will the X-Men play a part in She-Hulk?

After Patrick Stewart’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2, it was only a matter of time before the MCU started to properly dabble in mutants.

Kevin Feige confirmed that mutants were coming during 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con, and speaking to Collider last year, he stated that the introduction of mutants has “been heavily discussed, as you might imagine. And we have a good feeling of where it’s going and when it’s going, but that all remains to be seen.”

While this She-Hulk theory is yet to be confirmed, perhaps we’re already seeing a future X-Men member in the works.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2 will premiere on Disney+ on August 25.