Is Dead Ringers based on a book, or a true story?

Rachel Weisz in Dead RingersAmazon Prime Video

Rachel Weisz is currently starring in a TV remake of horror classic Dead Ringers, but is this horror classic based on a book, or real-life events?

Later this week, a remake of the 1980s Dead Ringers movie launches on Amazon Prime Video, with acclaimed actor Rachel Weisz playing twins in the psychological drama show of the same name.

The official synopsis for the series is as such: “Dead Ringers stars Rachel Weisz playing the double-lead roles of Elliot and Beverly Mantle, twins who share everything: drugs, lovers, and an unapologetic desire to do whatever it takes – including pushing the boundaries of medical ethics – in an effort to challenge antiquated practices and bring women’s health care to the forefront.”

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The series is actually a remake of a 1988 David Cronenberg film, one in which Jeremy Irons starred in. However, is this franchise based on a book, and if so, is that book based on real life? Read on, and we’ll explain.

Is Dead Ringers based on a book or true events?

The answer is both. Dead Ringers is based on a book, which itself was based on true events.

Dead Ringers, both this new series and the 1988 movie, is based on Bari Wood and Jack Geasland’s 1977 novel, titled Twins. And this book is actually a fictionalised interpretation of real-life events.

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See, in 1975, two twins named Stewart and Cyril Marcus were found dead at the same time in their New York City home. Not only were they twins in appearance, they were both gynaecologists and barbiturate addicts.

Twins, and then Dead Ringers, takes this true story to new heights for entertainment’s sake. Cronenberg’s film received 10 Genie Awards, and in particular was praised for its early use of computer technology, along with the performances of Jeremy Irons and Bette Davis. As for the book, Twins spent 12 weeks on The New York Times Bestseller List.

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Now it’s up to this new series to see if it can continue bringing in the praise, and the horror.

Dead Ringers launches on Amazon Prime Video this Friday – April 21, 2023.

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