How to watch The Covenant – is it streaming?

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Guy Ritchie’s new action war movie The Covenant is in theaters now – here’s everything you need to know about how to watch it and if it’s streaming. 

Ritchie made a name for himself in cinema with his cult classic British gangster films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. In the late 2000s, the filmmaker ventured out into franchise territory with the big-screen adaptation of Sherlock Holmes before more recently taking on Disney’s live-action Aladdin.

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Now the director is ready to take a seat in the war genre with his new flick, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal as US Army Sergeant John Kinley and Dar Salim as an Afghan interpreter. As per the official synopsis: “After an ambush, Ahmed goes to Herculean lengths to save Kinley’s life. When Kinley learns that Ahmed and his family were not given safe passage to America as promised, he must repay his debt by returning to the war zone to retrieve them before the Taliban hunts them down first.”

With solid early reviews and an 83% Rotten Tomatoes critics score, you might be wondering: is Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant streaming? Read on to find out how to watch the action-packed epic. 

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Is Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant streaming?

No, The Covenant isn’t streaming right now. It is exclusively available in cinemas after its theatrical release on April 21, 2023. 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is in control of the distribution rights in US cinemas, and there’s been no indication as to when it will be available to watch at home. 

However, we should hopefully have an update soon, as Amazon Studios has bought the international distribution rights and the US post-theatrical streaming rights, meaning we can expect it to drop on Prime Video in the near future. 

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We’ll be sure to keep this post updated when the date is announced. 

How can I watch Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant?

The Covenant is available to watch in theaters across the US now. Below are a number of sites you can use to find tickets and showtimes: 

That’s everything we know about how to watch The Covenant. You can sign up for Amazon Prime here.

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