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How to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender Comic-Con At Home panel stream

Published: 24/Jul/2020 18:21 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 12:44

by Brent Koepp


Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra creators are participating in Comic-Con’s At Home digital panel on July 24. The writers will discuss the legacy of the Nickelodeon animation as well as its future. Here is how you can watch the event.

The Last Airbender celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2020, as the hit show initially aired its last episode in 2008. However the animation has become a worldwide phenomena as it has exploded in popularity a decade later.

Celebrating the series’ legacy, creator Michael DiMartino partnered up with Dark Horse Comics for an hour long Comic-Con panel. The event is going to be streamed for everyone at home, and here is everything you need to know about how to watch it.

avatar comic con panel
Instagram: @mike_dante_d
The Avatar: The Last Airbender Comic-Con panel is being streamed this year.

How to watch the Avatar Comic-Con panel

Due to world events, Comic-Con has moved their panels digital this year. And on July 24, The Last Airbender’s Michael DiMartino is sitting down with the series’ writers to discuss the show’s “beloved world as it has grown and changed since the animated series has ended.”

The Avatar creator detailed what to expect from the conversation on Instagram, stating, “It was a fun conversation and great to catch up with these super-talented writers and artists. Hopefully we’ll see you in person next comic-con.”

The event will begin at 1:00PM PST, and can be watched on either Comic-Con’s website, or their YouTube page. Make sure you are on the channel at the exact time or you will miss out on it. We have embedded the stream below.

(The YouTube video will remain private until it airs at 1PM PST.)

The discussion is in partnership with Dark Horse Comics, who recently published the Avatar graphic novel The Shadow of Kyoshi.  The new story hit stores on July 21, so we imagine a chunk of the panel will also focus on this.

While it’s not entirely clear what will be discussed, perhaps we might also get some more information about the wildly-anticipated Netflix live action adaption of The Last Airbender.

In July, Avatar broke a new record on the streaming platform for the most days in its top 10 shows list – proof that the 2005 Nickelodeon animation has never been more popular.


Disney cosplayer becomes enchanting princess Cinderella

Published: 21/Jan/2021 18:59 Updated: 21/Jan/2021 19:05

by Brent Koepp


A Disney cosplayer went viral on Instagram after enchanting viewers with her jaw-dropping take on beloved princess, Cinderella. 

One of the most iconic animated films of all time, Cinderella is still as influential as it was when it made its debut in 1950. The Disney adaptation brought a magical take on a classic fairytale and is often considered the best version of the story.

Prolific cosplayer ‘Anastasia Lion’ celebrated the beloved movie by bringing its princess protagonist to life with her insanely accurate costume. Her stunning re-creation of the heroine will be sure to leave fans in awe.

Screenshot of Cinderella transforming in Disney animation film.
The Disney princess is based off a classic folk tale.

Disney cosplayer becomes real life Cinderella

The fairy tale centers on Cinderella, who is mistreated by her wicked stepmother. Her fate changes, however, when her fairy godmother transforms her into a princess so that she can attend the Royal Ball.

Cosplayer Anastasia Lion made waves on social media when she shared her true-to-life take on the Disney heroine. The Russian-based artist faithfully re-created the character’s look from the beginning of the movie when she is a servant for her step-family.

Photographer ‘ph_mosienko’ brilliantly captured the moment, with their work bringing the animation’s visual style to life. Anastasia looks so much like the Disney princess, it’s almost as if she’s walked out of the screen.

In another stunning shot by Elizaveta, the cosplayer showed off her depiction of Cinderella’s flowing blue dress which she wears to the Royal Ball. The gorgeous stone pillars and flowing flowers in the background bring the whole piece together, as it truly looks like the princess is fleeing the event before midnight. 

Despite releasing over 70 years ago, Walt Disney’s enchanting take on the classic folk tale has become iconic in pop culture. Viewers around the world still love the film, and it’s popular in the cosplay community.

Those who have managed to never see the 1950 movie can watch its HD remaster on streaming services Disney+ and Amazon Prime. It is also available to purchase on all digital platforms.