House of the Dragon viewers up by 5% after Episode 4

Matt Smith as Daemon in House of the DragonHBO

After House of the Dragon’s monster debut a month ago, viewing figures steadied, but according to a new report, they are now rising.

Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon was HBO’s most-viewed premiere ever when it debuted on August 21, being watched by 10 million viewers.

Thanks to people then checking the episode out on catch-up, Warner Bros. Discovery’s chief financial officer Gunnar Wiedenfels says that number has now risen to a whopping 30 million.

The numbers were down for Episode 3 however, which aired over Labor Day Weekend in the States. But the dip didn’t last.

House of the Dragon viewers up by 5%

According to Variety, viewers between Episode 3 “Second of His Name” and Episode 4 “King of the Narrow Sea” rose by 5%.

Variety explains: “Per Nielsen, linear viewing of the series remained mostly steady, with 2.536 million viewers across four cable airings for the week-ago episode compared to 2.474 million this Sunday.

“But with streaming on HBO Max and other HBO platforms included, Variety has confirmed overall U.S. viewership of the series is up 5% week over week.”

That’s in spite of stiff competition from Week 1 of Sunday Night Football, which aired at the same time on NBC.

House of the Dragon has already been renewed for a second season, while Episode 5 – titled “We Light the Way” – airs this coming Sunday. For more House of the Dragon info, head here.