Enola Holmes 2 review: If you liked the first one, you’ll love this

enola holmes 2Netflix

Enola Holmes 2, which is about to drop on Netflix, is a delightful if inconsequential sequel to the Millie Bobby Brown-centred original.

Enola Holmes 2 is a sequel to the surprising Netflix hit of 2020. A fun introduction to Sherlock Holmes’ teenage sister, which was adapted from the books of Nancy Springer, it packed a charming sense of escapism through lockdown.

Thankfully, the sequel manages to be just as charming. We now follow Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) as she sets up her own detective agency in 1880s London, and struggles to get clients due to her age and gender.

A case soon rears its head though, and leads to a fun if somewhat inconsequential sequel that will no doubt lead to a third film. But first, warning: slight spoilers ahead…

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Enola Holmes 2 focuses more on the plot than the protagonist

While the first film was about Enola’s refusal to become a lady under the watch of Mycroft Holmes, the second film takes a setback to her own troubles in order to uncover the mystery of a missing match girl, which then turns into a tale of a real-life female workers’ strike.

While this surprisingly makes the feminist message of the franchise more grounded – the feisty female refusing to act like a lady was somewhat of a tired trope in the first one, and there are thankfully fewer buzzwords used throughout this film – it does make the movie feel less like an Enola Holmes vehicle and more of a mystery episode of any random TV show. Being a sequel, it was naturally going to give us less exposition on Enola, but the story should still belong to her.

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Speaking of TV shows, one common criticism of the original film was how a lot was crammed into two hours, and that it could have been a TV series rather than a movie. Perhaps the same could be said of the sequel. While there isn’t quite as much plot packed into this film, that format change would allow more time for Enola herself, especially as Millie Bobby Brown is as energized in the role as she was last time.

And there is still a lot packed in. Enola is arrested and sent to prison, which could be a whole number of scenes, but she escapes almost instantly, making the danger feel inconsequential.

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The characters leave us wanting more

Other characters are also expanded, such as Sherlock himself. Henry Cavill, while not as iconic as other Sherlocks, is still very enjoyable in the role. Enola’s love interest, Lord Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge), still lacks much substance to him, but his scenes with Enola are cute, and you do feel their youthful chemistry.

There’s still a lot to be done with other characters, such as her combat teacher and her mother. Mycroft is nowhere to be seen. This will likely lead to a third film to patch their stories up, but it does mean this film suffers from middle-act syndrome – meaning that it’s unable to be its own story completely, as it is forced to set up future paths while still traversing old ones.

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Enola Holmes 2 hones in on the action

However, the film still manages to be an action-packed romp, with many a fun combat set piece, which the animated editing and bouncy music enhance.

The film remains light, so it does genuinely take you by surprise when something dark happens, such as the murder of an innocent or the intimidating presence of David Thewlis’ Inspector Grail, and the action will keep you on your toes as our heroine takes some real hits.

Enola Holmes 2 review score: 7/10

If you liked the first Enola Holmes, you’re most likely going to get a kick out of this one, as for everything that the first film did better, this film did other things better in other ways.

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While the ultimate mystery of the film is somewhat predictable, it is a fun journey to get there. Plus, with the final reveal at the film’s end, which sets up two characters that we’ve been waiting for, Enola Holmes 2 suggests that a third film is on the way – and it’s no mystery that it’s going to be good.

Enola Holmes 2 will premiere on Netflix on November 4.