Domhnall Gleeson wants Hux spinoff, but thinks fans don’t


Domhnall Gleeson – who played General Hux across three Star Wars movies – has been discussing his character getting a spinoff, with the star keen to tell more of his story.

Domhnall Gleeson played the villainous Armitage Hux in The Force Awakens, a high-ranking general in the First Order who serves Supreme Leader Snoke and oversees Starkiller Base.

The character then went on quite the journey, becoming bumbling comic relief in The Last Jedi, where he’s mocked, bullied, and undermined by Snoke, as well as both Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren.

Then finally – in The Rise of Skywalker – Hux is revealed to be a Resistance spy, who ends up helping Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca escape from Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer, precipitating victory for the Resistance. He’s then executed by General Pryde for treason.

What did Domhnall Gleeson say about General Hux’s return?

While discussing new series The Patient with The Wrap, the subject turned to Star Wars, and whether Gleeson would like Hux to appear in a spinoff.

“Of course I would!” came Gleeson’s response. “He was really interesting, and I think there’s a lot I could do more [with him].”

However, he he then tempered his enthusiasm by saying: “I don’t see them making the call. I’m not sure anybody’s clamoring for a Hux sequel or prequel. But yeah, of course. Those movies are amazing.”

Has Gleeson played Hux outside the sequel trilogy?

Domhnall Gleeson has played General Hux multiple times outside of the sequel trilogy.

He reprised the role in two theme park attractions – Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Gleeson also again played the part in a pair of animated projects – Star Wars: Resistance, and The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, where the character memorably became flustered by shirtless Kylo Ren.

So even if there isn’t a future for General Hux in the movies, Gleeson might get his wish elsewhere.