Does the dog die in Gunther’s Millions?

Gunther in Gunther's Millions.Netflix

Gunther’s Millions is a new Netflix documentary about a dog that’s worth a fortune. But does the canine in question die at the end of the series?

Gunther’s Millions is a truly bonkers Netflix documentary about the richest dog in the world. The show’s official synopsis is as follows…

The 400 million dollar dog. For the last three decades, the dog’s riches have been built into a vast empire across two continents, including luxurious mansions, a glamorous entourage, and even a pop music group. But as any good pup can tell you, it’s always worth digging a little deeper.

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As that overview suggests, nothing is quite what it seems in the four-part series, with the true identity of the dog coming into question. As we’ll explore below…

Does the dog die in Gunther’s Millions?

Yes, the dog dies in Gunther’s Millions. The story starts more than 30 years ago, meaning the original dog who was worth all that money has long since died. But to keep the story going, he was replaced by other dogs, all from the same bloodline. Meaning as far as this very strange story is concerned, Gunther is very much alive and well.

Spoilers for Gunther’s Millions ahead…

We separate truth from lies in the story here. But it essentially boils down to a fortune being placed in a trust in a dog’s name for tax purposes.

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The mastermind behind the scheme is Italian businessman Massimo Maurizio Mian, who concocted a story about a countess leaving millions to her beloved pooch.

In reality, that dog belonged to Mian’s girlfriend at the time. The dog was named Gunther II, apparently after two human Gunthers that Mian claimed he knew.

How many Gunthers have there been?

There have been five Gunthers in total. As Netflix explains on its official website: “The original Gunther – Gunther II – was owned by Mian and his ex Antonella Signorini. At the time, Mian worked for his family’s pharmaceutical business and used the dog to promote an osteoporosis drug.”

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The article goes onto explain: “In the end, we find out that it was Mian who made the dog the head of his empire, as well as the family tax vessel and legal heir to Mian’s fortune.”

Gunther II therefore inherited all the money, which was then passed on to his descendants. As far as the public was concerned however, it was the same dog. But each one was different, as Mian explains…

The many lives of Gunther

“Gunther III had a very strong character,” he told Netflix. “He was much more fit for attack and defense than for obedience – he was almost dangerous if he wasn’t kept under control.

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“Gunther IV was of very good character – polite, nonaggressive, very dynamic and joyful. Gunther VI is more or less the same. Gunther V loved to spend time with people and groups.”

He adds that he had the strongest connections with III and IV. So while the original dog died, as well as several of the bloodline that followed, Gunther nevertheless lives on!

Gunther’s Millions is now streaming on Netflix. For more news regarding what’s happening on the streamer, head here.