Chris Pine explains why Dungeons and Dragons should be played in schools

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Chris Pine, the star of D&D: Honor Among Thieves, explained in a recent interview why he feels Dungeons and Dragons should be played in schools. 

The recent adaptation of the famous tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, has been met with a sea of positive reviews from critics and fans alike. In fact, we at Dexerto called it “a charismatic joyride for all D&D fans.”

So it’s quite surprising to learn that the star of the film, Chris Pine, has been converted to a D&D fan after starring in the adaptation. 

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In an interview with SlashFilm, Pine was asked about how his views on the role playing game have changed since he was cast.

Why Chris Pine thinks Dungeons and Dragons should be taught in schools

“My entry point into it is my nephew, who’s a huge player, and he’s played for six years with the same group of kids with the same Dungeon Master” he explained. He recalled a time where his nephew took his family through a campaign he had written. 

“What I saw, especially for a family of actors, is how immediately accessible it is. It doesn’t matter if you know the Sending Stones or the mimics or whatever, the world of Dungeons and Dragons and roleplaying is acting.” 

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Not only did Pine enjoy playing D&D but his parents, who are nearing or in their 80s, also enjoyed it.

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Chris Pine believes D&D could be a good developmental tool for school children

Because of these experiences, Pine has even proposed that, because of how collaborative and imaginative the game is, D&D should be played in schools. 

“It immediately teaches cooperation. It exercises the imagination, it’s joyous, it’s improvisational, and within minutes everybody’s on the same page.”

He continued, “you’re not arguing about whether or not you’re cool or not. You’re arguing about whether or not you should have gone over the boulder to kill the dragon.”

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