Breaking Bad is getting a four-season Korean remake

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking BadSony Pictures Television

Let’s cook: Breaking Bad is being transformed into a K-Drama with a new Korean remake, set to run for four seasons.

Breaking Bad belongs in the hall of fame of prestige television. Created by Vince Gilligan and starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, it’s worthy of its reputation as one of the best shows ever made.

While the original show ended in 2013, Gilligan’s universe extended with the El Camino movie and Better Call Saul, a spinoff following Bob Odenkirk’s titular lawyer – some fans think it’s even better than its predecessor.

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The showrunner has parted ways with the blue-hued world of Breaking Bad, but it’s found new life elsewhere – specifically, it’s getting a remake in South Korea.

Breaking Bad set for Korean remake

The remake will reportedly be directed by Trick filmmaker Lee Chang-yeol and run for four seasons, as per The News.

Right now, the series is in its “early planning stages” while they try to cast a male lead, presumably for the equivalent role of Walter White.

People have been rather surprised by the news, given the story of the show and South Korea’s strict drug laws. For those who don’t know, it follows White (Cranston), a chemistry teacher who turns to cooking and selling meth to pay off his medical bills and provide for his family.

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In South Korea, citizens are prohibited from using any illegal drugs, even if they’re visiting a country where it’s legal to do so. For example, if they took a trip to Amsterdam and smoked a joint, they could face a fine or stronger punitive measures upon returning home.

One user wrote: “Korea remaking Breaking Bad when the literal premise of the series is about mass producing and selling meth… in a country so conservative? Yah idk about that one my friend.”

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“Not Korea making a remake of Breaking Bad when they have criminalized and crucified people for weed? So what will they cook now illegal street foods?” another wrote.

No further details are known about the remake right now, but if you want to know if there’ll ever be a Breaking Bad Season 6, click here.