Batgirl plot leaks on social media and it sounds pretty epic

Kayla Harrington
Leslie Grace as Batgirl

Batgirl’s plot was leaked online through a Twitter thread, which makes its cancellation even more painful.

With the slate of terrible, unfulfilling movies DC has churned out over the past few years, it was a bit of fresh air when it was announced that the studio was going to finally release a Batgirl film.

So many well-actors were supposed to be in the film such as J.K. Simmons, Brendan Fraser, and Michael Keaton. However, the film was ultimately scrapped right before it came to fruition, but now the ‘loose’ plot of the movie was leaked online, so fans can get an idea of what they’re missing.

There wasn’t an official plot synopsis for the film, but it was supposed to follow Batgirl’s rise to fame as a hero in Gotham alongside Batman.

Batgirl plot is leaked through Twitter thread

While the thread should be taken with a grain as salt as the movie studio would have the final say over a movie’s final script, Twitter user Neb has leaked the unofficial version of the Batgirl plot.

According to the thread, the movie follows Batgirl’s (aka Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham City Police Chief Jim Gordon), rise to becoming a member of the Bat family vigilante group as she works to stop a fiery villain who has super close connections to her real life family.

A tweet detailing Batgirl's plot

Despite being a fan favorite amongst Batman fans, Batgirl has only been brought to the live-action screen twice: once by Alicia Silverstone 1997’s Batman & Robin, and once in 2008’s The Dark Knight. However, neither officially portrayed Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

The Dark Knight included a brief cameo from Hannah Gunn as the unnamed daughter of Commissioner Gordon, but she wasn’t called Batgirl as the credits listed her only as ‘Gordon’s daughter.’ And in Batman & Robin, Silverstone’s character was the niece of Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred, with her character being named Barbara Wilson.

Leslie Grace, who played Batgirl, was set on being the first actress to play the character full out without any restraints. Unfortunately, the movie was scrapped when it was almost finished as part of Warner Bros. plans to switch from focusing on blockbusters instead of streaming films.

According to Esquire, Batgirl had already wrapped its principal photography and was slated to release through HBO Max in 2022, but was wiped by the studio due to “[being] written off during a financial shakeup at Warner Bros., and stricken from theaters, and streaming, likely forever.”

While new management has moved to take over DC Studios in the form of James Gunn and Peter Safran, there’s no confirmation that the completed Batgirl will ever seen the light of day. But, if Gunn and Safran want to revitalize the studio’s reputation, they should release the film sooner rather than later.

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