Avatar 3: “Huge” spoilers spotted by fans in The Way of Water special features

Jack Champion as Spider in Avatar 2, The Way of Water20th Century Studios

The digital release of Avatar: The Way of Water has been mined by fans, who seem to have found some “huge” spoilers for Avatar 3 in its special features.

Fresh off its box office-dominating run in theaters, earning it a spot on the list of the highest-grossing movies of all time, Avatar 2 landed on VOD platforms this week with a cache of special features for viewers to dig into.

If you open Pandora’s Box, you’ll find an immense selection of behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew, and featurettes showing the lengths (and depths) James Cameron went to in order to create the movie’s vivid world.

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However, he may have given away a little too much, according to fans who appear to have spotted some major spoilers for Avatar 3. If you don’t want to know, this is your last chance.

Avatar 3 spoilers found in The Way of Water special features

As shared by u/hdk759 on the r/Avatar subreddit, there’s a brief shot of a screenplay in the ‘Building the World of Pandora’ special feature on the Avatar 2 digital release.

The user summarized: “Quaritch and Jake were together, talking about Spider. Apparantly Spider can breathe Pandora’s air after some major event that happened that night.

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The Sullys are back at High Camp. Neytiri returns to High Camp injured. Mo’at is there. There’s a new character named Va’ru. Wainfleet is alive and with Quaritch. The RDA is building some huge new device at Bridgehead for an unknown purpose.”

Spider is Quaritch’s biological son who was born on Pandora, mostly raised by Jake and Neytiri as he befriended their children from a young age. In the movie, he’s always wearing a mask, as Pandora’s atmosphere is toxic to humans… but if this screenplay is to be believed, it seems his exposure to the moon’s air has allowed him to build up some sort of immunity.

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We should say, these could be earlier versions of the script, so there’s a chance none of it will be carried forward into the threequel. However, it certainly seems like it could be a possibility.

Avatar 3 doesn’t have a confirmed name yet – but it’s believed the movie will be called Avatar: The Seed Bearer, and it will introduce the “Ash People”, a villainous fire tribe of the Na’vi.

You can find out more about Avatar 3 here and check out our Avatar: The Way of Water coverage here.

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