Antonio Banderas wants to “pass the torch” to Tom Holland in Zorro sequel

antonio banderas as zorro and tom holland in unchartedTriStar Pictures, Columbia Pictures

Antonio Banderas is open to reprising his role as Zorro one last time and has revealed he’d like to share the screen with Uncharted and Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland should the opportunity arise.

Before joining The Expendables roster or the Shrek franchise, Antonio Banderas solidified himself as a bonafide action hero in 1998’s The Mask of Zorro.

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Banderas would play the role of Zorro twice, with 2005’s The Legend of Zorro bringing the franchise to a halt after middling reviews.

However, the Spanish actor’s turn as the masked vigilante has remained a favorite among fans and Banderas is game to don the costume – with Tom Holland alongside him.

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Antonio Banderas open to Zorro sequel alongside Tom Holland

With press underway for Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, Antonio Banderas was asked by ComicBook if a Zorro sequel could ever happen.

Banderas revealed: “Yes, I would, I would consider that possibility, why not? I think today, I said something like that to somebody. They asked me about Zorro. If they called me to do Zorro, I would do what Anthony Hopkins did for me, which is to pass the torch.”

But just who could Banderas pass the Zorro legacy to? Well, the actor didn’t hesitate to nominate Uncharted co-star Tom Holland as a successor to the fedora and rapier sword.

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an image of Antonio Banderas as ZorroTriStar Pictures
Antonio Banderas played the role of Zorro in two films directed by Martin Campbell.

“Tom Holland. I did Uncharted with him and he’s so energetic and fun and he’s got this spark, too. Why not?” Banderas explained.

Holland’s charisma and athleticism certainly make him a worthy candidate for the Zorro mantle. However, with a plethora of Marvel movies and Spider-Man adventures on the horizon, Holland’s schedule seems pretty busy for now.

Zorro was originally created in 1919 by American author Johnston McCulley, making his debut in the novel The Curse of Capistrano.

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