Why should you buy the iPhone XS or XS Max? One very good reason

With the latest edition of Apple’s popular smartphone now on sale, experts have begun to teardown the devices to uncover the exact technical specifications of each phone.

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Teardown expert iFixit has revealed a key feature of the new iPhone XS and XS Max that give the phones a leg up on the competition.

In iFixit’s latest teardown, it discovered that the iPhone XS and XS Max both have an extra antenna, which has led to some incredible improvements to 4G performance.

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The new antenna explains why SpeedSmart’s latest speed test shows the XS and XS Max blowing their predecessor, the iPhone X, out of the water with speeds up to 5x faster.


Not only does this bolster the strong resume of the XS line of phones, it provides another reason buyers may want to steer clear of the upcoming iPhone XR.

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It was pointed out last week by YouTube tech reviewer Lewis Hilsenteger that the new XR would have a screen resolution much lower than that of the XS and XS Max, making it less desirable to watch videos on.

Now it has been revealed by iFixit that the XR will come equipped with the same antenna set up as the iPhone X, which translates to LTE speeds that pale in comparison to the XS and XS Max.

Many were looking at the XR as a great alternative to the XS and XS Max since it has many of the same features, as well as improved battery life, the connectivity limitations could be a dealbreaker for those who heavily rely on data connectivity on a daily basis.