TikTok reportedly eyeing ad-free viewing experience with new premium subscription

TikTok reportedly eyeing ad-free viewing experience with new premium subscriptionUnsplash: May Gauthier

TikTok is reported to be testing a paid subscription plan that will offer viewers the chance to enjoy the platform without the interruption of ads.

As the sixth most popular social media platform, it’s unsurprising that TikTok draws in a high number of users.

In fact, it’s estimated that people are spending on average more than 31 hours per month on TikTok according to data.ai. That’s 4 hours more than on YouTube — the second most popular platform — and businesses have taken note by using the app for advertisements.

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Now, however, TikTok is reportedly testing out a new subscription plan that will offer users the opportunity to pay for an ad-free viewing experience.

Android Authority reportedly located “New strings in the latest version of the TikTok app” that indicated the platform was in the process of rolling out a subscription plan.

The ad-free version of the app currently costs users $4.99 per month in the USA, though final pricing may change as the subscription tier is seemingly still in the testing phase.

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Not all users are being presented with the option as of yet, but so far reactions on Twitter haven’t shown a lot of enthusiasm for the app’s latest new offer.

“These companies are getting way [too] comfortable with coming up with subscriptions,” one person wrote.

Others questioned the need for a subscription service considering how “easy” it currently is to bypass ads; “Why? We can just scroll past them.” This sparked concern that TikTok may start to “Force [viewers] to watch the ad.”

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However, no official announcement about the new update has yet been made by TikTok at the time of writing. Check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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