Nothing CMF Phone 1: Everything we know so far

Anurag Singh
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Nothing has confirmed it is working on a budget smartphone named the CMF Phone 1, which sits under a sub-brand. If you’re curious about what specs and features the CMF Phone 1 might come with, we’ve gathered everything we know about the device.

Nothing itself is a new brand in the consumer tech market, debuting with the Nothing Phone 1 in 2021, but the company already has a sub-brand. CMF by Nothing aims to offer budget-friendly gadgets.

So far it has only delivered cheap earphones and smartwatches. But CMF is finally ready to throw its hat into the smartphone ring. The smartphone from the Nothing spin-off is called the CMF Phone 1. It will debut with a unique design with a unique gimmick.

CMF Phone 1: Expected release timeline

CMF Phone 1’s release date is not confirmed yet. However, the company has already made the smartphone official.

“Introducing CMF Phone 1. Wonderful by design. Leveraging @nothing’s innovation and meticulous attention to design, it serves as a wonderful entry point to our entire product ecosystem. As others overlook this category, we’re giving it our full attention,” said Nothing in an announcement post.

CMF Phone 1: Rumored Price

A 91Mobiles report claims the CMF Phone 1 could be priced at around $150. The listing states it is priced at  Rs 12,000 in India, or around $143. This is significantly less than any Nothing smartphone yet. The recent Phone 2a costs $349 while the Phone 2 from last year is $599.

CMF Phone 1: Design & display

X user @Technerd_9 has leaked images of the CMF Phone 1, though the phone is shown with a protective case on. It appears to have a dual-camera setup. @Technerd_9 claims the smartphone will not include the LED lights (Glyph Interface) on the back.

Nothing previously posted a teaser on X, hinting at a new feature on the device that looks like a big screw. X user @realMlgmXyysd claims the prominent screw is part of a new feature called “Nothing Lock.” It will serve as a lock system for exclusive accessories.

The most recent teaser of the phone shows a circular knob on one of its corners. This is similar to the knob we saw on the CMF Buds. While the knob does nothing except act as a fidget toy on the earbuds, we hope it will have some real functionality on the phone.

91Mobiles claims the CMF Phone 1 could have a plastic back with “some variant of Gorilla Glass protection” on the front. Nothing has confirmed the phone will be available in orange, but it might also be in white and black.

If the rumored price of the CMF Phone 1 is accurate, then it probably won’t look anything like a Nothing phone. CMF’s other products, like their smartwatch and earbuds, suggest Nothing is creating a clear distinction between its main brand and this budget sub-brand.

The smartphone will debut with a 6.7-inch OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, according to developer and leaker MlgmXyysd. The Nothing Phone 2a also features the same display.

CMF Phone 1: Specs speculation

Nothing Phone 2

CMF Phone 1’s hardware specs are anyone’s guess at the moment. Since it’s a budget phone, we’d expect entry-level specs. 91Mobiles reports the phone will use a MediaTek processor without naming the exact SoC. MlgmXyysd claims the smartphone will use a Dimensity 7200 series processor. The Phone 2a also uses a MediaTek chip, the Dimensity 7200 Pro to be specific.

The battery capacity is touted to be 5,000mAh while the charging speed is 33W. We’d not expect the phone to have wireless charging, either. (But, who would? It’s supposed to be a $150 phone).

All we know about the phone’s rear cameras is that there will only be one sensor. Budget phones don’t really pack the best cameras and this one might not be an exception. MlgmXyysd says the phone will debut with 8GB LPDDR4X RAM.

Is CMF Phone 1 worth waiting for?

No. Get the CMF Phone 1 when and if it launches but waiting for it doesn’t make sense. If you’re looking for a budget phone, grab any Samsung or Motorola you can find. When it comes to budget phones, you’re not aiming for something mind-blowing. You want a phone that works well for everyday tasks, and most budget phones will do just that, without having to wait for more of the same.