Marques Brownlee shocked at “garbage” feature in Apple’s new Macbook Air

Daniel Cleary

Popular Tech YouTuber Marques ‘MKBHD’ Brownlee revealed one “garbage” flaw with Apple’s 2020 edition of their Macbook Air during his latest review.

Marques Brownlee has built a massive following of over 10.6 million subscribers on YouTube for his highly-informative and educational review videos on the latest technology.

The popular YouTuber breaks down many different products, such as new smartphones and computers before they hit the market, however, during his latest Macbook Air review he pointed out one feature that he was far from happy with.

Marques Brownlee revealed one flaw with Apple’s 2020 Macbook Air.

After getting his hands on the 2020 Macbook Air early, Brownlee did admit that he was quite impressed with many of the changes from the previous version.

The YouTuber pointed out that Apple had responded to many of their fans’ biggest complaints around the Macbook Air, such as reverting keyboard switches and making improvements to the laptop’s speakers.

However, despite some of the much-needed improvements, he revealed that he was surprised so little was done to improve the quality of the Macbook’s built-in webcam.

Topic starts at 4:04 for mobile users.

“Still a pretty garbage quality 720p, not even 1080p, webcam, this is what this looks like,” he expressed, switching his recording to the Macbook’s camera to show his viewers.

“It’s still kind of impressive how bad the webcams still look in these Macbooks,” Marques added, calling Apple out on the low image quality of the built-in camera.

Despite his issues with the webcam, the tech reviewer was ultimately impressed by many of the improvements that were made to the 2020 Macbook Air and its hardware.

The YouTuber later revealed that even he would consider switching it to be his daily laptop and explained that it was likely to continue to be Apple’s most popular computer from here on out. The Air has often been favored by students, helping boost its sales and enjoy a reputation as the go-to laptop if you’re heading to college.

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