Get a 1TB Zelda MicroSD in this unmissable early Black Friday deal

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Zelda SD on a purple backgroundSandisk / Pexels

Running out of space? This 1TB Zelda MicroSD card early Black Friday deal might be exactly what you’re looking for to buff your storage.

If you play on your Nintendo Switch regularly, you probably find yourself running out of storage. Expansive exploration games like Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom take up a fair amount of internal storage space, so it is only a matter of time until you get the dreaded warning about a lack of storage.

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As part of an early Black Friday deal, Amazon is offering this high-capacity MicroSD card with 33% off the usual price, bringing it down to under $100. A masterful price for a big increase in Switch storage.

Perfect for Switch and Steam Deck

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Master Sword

Not to worry though, as SanDisk has you covered with its specially licensed Legend of Zelda branded 1TB MicroSD. 1TB of space is a significant amount even by modern storage standards and leaves plenty of room for whatever new games you want to download and play, as well as those all-important save files, screenshots, and even video clips. You could even use if for your Steam Deck, if you like.

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The Zelda SanDisk MicroSD card has been specially designed, tested, and approved for all Nintendo Switch systems, and offers write speeds of up to 90MB/s, and Read speeds of up to 100MB/s. The outside is branded with the iconic Royal Crest of the Zelda series, with gold embossing displaying the famous ‘winged Triforce’ emblem as well as the Nintendo Switch logo.

This deal won’t last forever, so be sure to grab it while you can.

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