Framework surprise launches 2TB Steam Deck SSDs

framework steam deck ssd

Makers of the modular laptop, Framework, have begun to launch Steam Deck-compatible SSDs in its store. Plus, they’re much bigger than others on the market.

Framework, the company behind the completely repairable and modular laptop, has launched Steam Deck-compatible 2230 NVMe SSD drives. The move comes out of the leftfield, as the store that Framework runs was intended to be focused on modules for the laptop.

The NVMe provided by Framework is actually a Western Digital one, and an upgraded version of the SN530 which has proved popular among those upgrading their Steam Deck’s internal storage.

Framework branches out to other devices

It costs $300 and will only be available in the US and Canada for the time being, as Framework works to make it go live in Europe and the UK.

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The drive itself is a PCIe 4.0 drive, but as the Steam Deck only features a 3.0 drive, it won’t be able to take advantage of the full speed provided.

2230 NVMe drives are a new occurrence for the general public but have been used for quite a while now. They’re mostly used in OEM laptops and small devices (like the Steam Deck), but with the yearning for more storage by certain users becoming greater, more companies are stepping up to the plate to offer them.

Framework’s inclusion of a product for another company’s device is intriguing, to say the least, as the store has remained mostly Framework-centric, with few updates to their own modules since launch.

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Alternatives for Steam Deck SSDs

However, the 2TB for $300 might be a bit rich for a few, with a few alternatives listed below, including one by Sabrent which are available worldwide via Amazon.

DriveSizePrice (subject to change)
WD SN5301TB$139.64
WD SN5301TB$143.68
WD SN530512GB$79.89
Kioxia (Toshiba) BG4 256GB/512GB256GB$19.99

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