Street Fighter 5 Definitive update patch notes: Capcom Pro Tour DLC, buffs & nerfs

The cast of Street Fighter 5Capcom

Street Fighter 5’s Definitive update is here, and with it are the patch notes from the final update made to the storied fighter. Here’s everything you need to know about SF5’s final form. 

As Street Fighter 5 nears the end of its lifespan and with Street Fighter 6 looming on the horizon, there has been speculation about how the final form of Street Fighter 5 could look. 

Capcom has finally revealed the finale to the fighting game’s fifth installment as, what could be, the last update went live on March 29. 

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Pulling out all of the stops, Capcom has brought what could be the most significant balance adjustments to the game since the release of SF5, as the changes have impacted all 45 characters and the game’s core mechanics.

In addition to the roster’s nerfs and buffs, Capcom has also announced the final Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle that was released alongside the definitive update. 

So, let’s dive into the Street Fighter 5 Definitive update patch notes…

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Chun-Li in Street Fighter 5Capcom
All 45 characters have had changes done to their move sets for the last Street Fighter patch

Street Fighter 5 definitive update to general core mechanics

Street Fighter 5 players have consistently demanded that Capcom bring new changes to the game’s core mechanics for a very long time.

Finally, SF5 players may have gotten their wish with the definitive update. 

These are the changes made to Street Fighter 5’s general core mechanics:

  • Combo Count Start Value
    • The numerical value indicates when an air combo starts from a particular move.
    • The smaller a move’s combo start value is, the easier it is for that move to begin an air combo and vice-versa.
  • Combo Count Gain
    • A numerical value increases when a move is incorporated into an air combo.
    • The smaller a move’s combo start gain is, the easier it is for that move to begin an air combo, and vice-versa.
  • Combo-Count Limit
    • A numerical value is used to determine up to which point a move can land in an air combo.
    • The larger the combo-count limit a move has, the easier that move can be incorporated into a combo.
  • Normal Backward/Forward Throw Priority
    • Currently fixing an issue that occurs during average throws where inputting a direction opposite to the direction you wish to throw an opponent
    • 1F before the button input causes you not to throw the opponent in the intended direction.
  • Adjustment of Mid-Air Combo Difficulty in the Corner
    • When using forward-moving follow-up attacks against opponents knocked back in mid-air at the edge of the screen, there were some cases where attacks would pass through the opponent and miss.
    • Since this made the difficulty of air combos performed at the edge of the screen unintentionally high, some moves were adjusted to don’t pass through opponents when performed as part of air combos at the edge of the screen.
  • Changes made to game Behavior When Absorbing an Opponent’s Guard-Break Technique with a Move
    • Fixed an issue where the guard break scaling value was added to the damage incurred when attacked while absorbing an opponent’s guard break technique with a move.
Sakura punches Kolin in Street Fighter 5Capcom
Street Fighter 5 gets a ton of new content in latest patch including new DLC

Street Fighter 5 Capcom Pro Tour DLC

The Capcom Pro Tour DLC was released alongside Street Fighter’s definitive update and looks to offer players more content to celebrate the CPT.  

Here’s what’s included in the Street Fighter 5 Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle:

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Street Fighter players can purchase them separately

  • Capcom Pro Tour 2022 Costume: M. Bison – $5.99
  • Capcom Pro Tour 2022 Costume: Akira – $5.99
  • Capcom Pro Tour 2022 Costume: Seth – $5.99
  • Capcom Pro Tour Stage (Ring of Arcade) – $9.99


buy them all in the DLC bundle and includes additional goodies, which can be found below:

  • Capcom Pro Tour 2022 Premier Pass – $19.99 (everything listed above and includes new color for all 45 characters, five exclusive titles, two exclusive fighter profile themes, and a bonus of 10,000 fight money)

Street Fighter 5 balance changes

The complete list of balance changes for all 45 characters is extensive.

Courtesy of the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute, players will be able to select their favorite fighter from the drop-down and examine the changes made in the definitive update.