Starfield player thinks they find Godzilla-like monster only to be disappointed

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A Starfield player thought they found an enormous Godzilla or Lochness Monster-type creature, only to be disappointed on further inspection. 

Starfield is a big universe with an enormous well of places to go and discoveries to find. It’s entirely possible, that even with the game having been out for months, there are still some big, noteworthy discoveries to be found through the 1000 planets the game has. 

Of course, one of the fun things about exploring the various planets in-game is seeing what kind of wildlife you can find. This can vary depending on location and environment, and you can find anything from camouflaged critters to nightmarish monsters

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One Starfield player thought they had found something special on one of their ventures. While out exploring, they thought they’d found the head of an enormous Kaiju-like creature that would give Godzilla a run for their money. However, on closer inspection, they realized it was a trick of the eye. 

Play the fun Starfield game – Godzilla or rock?

In a Reddit post with over 700 upvotes at the time of writing, user Zushiba shared images of what appears to be an enormous emerging animal from the depths of a toxic sea. That really would have been one of the most exciting finds in Starfield so far. 

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Alas though, upon looking closer, it is sadly just a well-placed rock. It is somewhat uncanny though. You can even see a goofy smile on what looks like a dinosaur rising from the waves. 

The question now becomes, is this something Bethesda placed deliberately to fool players, or just a funny happenstance that came through the generation of these planets? 

Sadly, it seems the hopes of a massive monster hiding somewhere in Starfield haven’t quite come to pass. Again though, it’s a massive universe out there. You never know what Bethesda might have placed in the deep oceans of a random planet. 

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