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SMITE Challenge: How much do the pros know about their game?

Published: 18/Nov/2018 21:17 Updated: 18/Nov/2018 22:28

by Wyatt Donigan


With so many of the best SMITE players in the world all in the same place for the World Championship, we thought it’d be a good idea to see how much these players actually know about the game. 

Being good at a game doesn’t guarantee that you know all there is to know about that game. 

In the midst of these players fighting for the SMITE World Championship, we thought we’d test these player’s knowledge of the game with a little quiz. 

Each player was asked a series of questions that ranged from fairly simple to a bit more thought-provoking. 

The five questions asked to each player were: 

  • Who won the first SMITE World Championship? 
  • Who has won more championships between NA and EU? 
  • Who was the MVP of the 2017 World Championship? 
  • How many gods were available when the game was first released? 
  • Who won the console SMITE World Championship in 2017? 

Hi-Rez Studios

Splyce jungler Brooks ‘Cyno’ Mattey

Splyce hunter Jarod ‘CycloneSpin’ Nguyen

Splyce support Max ‘Aror’ Jackson

For everything you need to know about the SMITE and Paladin World Championships, be sure to check out our official hub with streams, brackets, and more. 


Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra characters coming to SMITE

Published: 22/Jun/2020 23:23

by Bill Cooney


SMITE will be teaming up with Nickelodeon for the game’s July 2020 Battle Pass that will feature skins of Aang and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, along with Korra and Naga from The Legend of Korra.

Avatar and The Legend of Korra are both two of Nickelodeon’s most successful animated series of the last few decades but, apart from an ambitious and impressive fan project, there haven’t really been any recent video games of note featuring characters from either series.

There is relief on the horizon though, as we’ll get to see Aang in action again, along with Zuko and Korra as they head to SMITE as an exclusive in the latest Battle Pass.

Hi-Rez Studios
Honestly, this might be the best-looking video game Aang we’ve seen yet.

Sadly, the trio won’t be their own unique characters, instead, they’re being worked in as reskins for three existing SMITE heroes that share a similar move set to each bender.

Aang, for instance, will come in the form of two different skins for The Master Wizard Merlin, one with him rolling around on his air ball, and the other Prestige Track skin in full-on Avatar mode looking ready to kick some Fire Nation butt.

Zuko will be a reskin of the Japanese god Susano, who also prefers to carry a sword, just like the exiled prince himself. As with Aang, he will get two skins – regular and his “Blue Spirit” alias from The Last Airbender as the Prestige Track selection.

Finally, the water tribe Korra will be a reskin for the Norse god Skadi. Her Prestige Track skin along with Aang is also her in the Avatar form. As an added bonus, she has her faithful polar bear dog sidekick Naga fighting alongside her, and even participating in abilities.

“We went overboard with detail, capturing each ​Avatar ​character’s unique personality and referencing fan-favorite moments from the shows,” Travis Brown, Executive Producer of SMITE told IGN​. ​“These are essentially all-new characters that happen to use the same abilities as existing ​SMITE ​Gods ​–​ and we can’t wait for our more than 30 million fans to play with them.”

Hi-Rez Studios
Naga is the best part of this skin and you can’t convince us otherwise.

Like we mentioned earlier Aang and friends will be joining SMITE when the next Battle Pass drops sometime in July 2020, but Hi-Rez hasn’t released a more precise date than that yet.

Finally, Avatar fans have some kind of video game content to look forward to, and as a result, SMITE may just find themselves with a few new players once the Battle Pass actually drops.