SMITE Challenge: How much do the pros know about their game?

With so many of the best SMITE players in the world all in the same place for the World Championship, we thought it’d be a good idea to see how much these players actually know about the game. 

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Being good at a game doesn’t guarantee that you know all there is to know about that game. 

In the midst of these players fighting for the SMITE World Championship, we thought we’d test these player’s knowledge of the game with a little quiz. 

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Each player was asked a series of questions that ranged from fairly simple to a bit more thought-provoking. 

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The five questions asked to each player were: 

  • Who won the first SMITE World Championship? 
  • Who has won more championships between NA and EU? 
  • Who was the MVP of the 2017 World Championship? 
  • How many gods were available when the game was first released? 
  • Who won the console SMITE World Championship in 2017? 

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Splyce jungler Brooks ‘Cyno’ Mattey

Splyce hunter Jarod ‘CycloneSpin’ Nguyen

Splyce support Max ‘Aror’ Jackson

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For everything you need to know about the SMITE and Paladin World Championships, be sure to check out our official hub with streams, brackets, and more. 

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