Three tips to improve your Byleth play in Smash Ultimate

Published: 5/Feb/2020 23:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Byleth is the most recent fighter to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. As is customary with new fighting game additions, players have been experimenting with the character to see where she ranks in competitive tier lists.

Notably, her kit is one of the more dynamic of the sword-wielders, boasting a strong recovery and a long F-Smash and Up-Smashes.

In order to get the most out of the Fire Emblem character, players must bear in mind a few key elements. Here are three tips that will help elevate your Byleth gameplay and put you ahead of the competition.

Fire Emblem's Byleth from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement.

Up-Air is your bread and butter

Byleth has a good juggle game and up-air is an incredibly strong option that can help rack up tons of damage and kill early.

A good trick to remember is up-tilting to knock your opponent upwards before following up with an up-air and more up-airs afterwards. Up-tilt’s range should not be underestimated, as it can catch opponents who aren’t properly spaced off-guard.

A nice combo is down-tilt into up-tilt and then you can follow it with up-air or execute a playground of hurt at lower percentages.

A lot of pros seemed mixed on Byleth’s place in tier lists.

On stages like Battlefield, making use of the platforms to assist with your juggles is key. Landing on platforms will help extend combos, pile on the damage and make landing a nightmare for the opposition.

Use Neutral B to force jumps

Byleth’s arrow is a bit of a double-edged sword. If you hold down neutral B for too long, you will commit to a strong, powerful projectile, but you won’t be able to cancel out of it.

However, by charging a weaker arrow, you can bait your opponent into jumping, cancel the arrow and punish them with an assortment of aerials.

Byleth is the eighth Fire Emblem fighter in Smash.

You can mix up this play too, by occasionally firing the arrow to apply shield pressure or by using it while your foe is offstage to deal more damage and score kills.

That said, be mindful of how long you’re charging it; The last thing you want is to be locked in place and take an easily-punishable position.

Don’t be afraid to go deep

Byleth has one of the best recoveries in the game and can easily get back to the stage after chasing after an opponent.

When an opponent is launched off-stage, your best bet is to give chase and punish them further. Some fighters won’t be able to get back on stage after an additional hit, and this can help secure easy stocks.

It’s also important to note that her Up-B will always prioritize a ledge recovery as opposed to an offensive option when offstage, unless you’re extremely far out. Be mindful of this if you try to attempt some spikes to dunk on your adversaries.

Byleth may be considered a bit underwhelming by some pros such as Melee legend Leffen, but that doesn’t mean she lacks the tools to get results. Top-ranked Ultimate prodigy Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez has already won a Mexico City tournament with the Fire Emblem fighter, so anything is possible.

Be sure to study hard, watch pros and learn her matchups to get a better understanding of Byleth, if you choose to main her.


Smash Ultimate pro Tweek unveils new 9.0.2 fighter tier list

Published: 30/Nov/2020 17:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey has revealed his newest tier list for patch 9.0.2, and it includes some pretty surprising fighter placements.

Tweek has been one of the top Smash players for quite some time and has been known to change up his characters, making him one of the biggest threats in any tournament.

While global health issues have shut down most LAN events in 2020, the TSM star still practices and shocks fans with highlight-reel plays on social media platforms and Twitch.

On November 29, the 22-year-old uploaded his newest tier list. While he admitted to not have given it “much effort”, the list still contains his general thoughts. So it’s likely that some fighters could probably be switched around ahead of others while remaining on the same tier.

Joker with Arsene in Smash.
Joker takes the top spot on Tweek’s tier list.

First and foremost, the Smash star gave the top slot on the whole roster to Joker, who remains an elite fighter despite some nerfs to Arsene.

Even though no one has achieved the same level of success on Joker as the world’s top player Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez, the Persona character’s kit remains strong in the right hands. Not to mention that Arsene is one of the biggest threats and arguably the best passive ability in the game.

Just after Joker is Pikachu, who consistently remains a top tier in almost every Smash title. Thanks to his insane recovery and small hitbox, fighting a good Pikachu can be like trying to have a lightsaber duel with Yoda.

Surprisingly, Tweek placed Mario above Peach, Zero Suit Samus, and even one of his mains in Wario. It’s really unclear exactly why he feels this way, especially with Peach main Ezra ‘Samsora’ Morris being just behind MKLeo in the PGR.

Hopefully, he ends up making a more detailed video with his thoughts so he can dig into why Mario is ahead of some of the game’s most elite characters.

Going a bit further down the list, Tweek has both of the game’s newest fighters with Steve and MinMin in B-tier. Steve has been a bit underwhelming since release, but no one has really risen up the ranks with the Minecraft fighter yet. Meanwhile, MinMin may be a major sleeper, but her weakness to close-quarters brawls may be holding her back.

Min Min grabs the ledge
Min Min is stuck in B-tier for now.

Finally, the C-Tier is as you’d expect: Little Mac, Ganondorf, and Dr Mario round out the bottom three and for good reason: they all seriously lack recoveries. Hopefully, the next time there is a big balance update, those fighters get some quality buffs to their recoveries so they move up a tier or two.

It’s unlikely that we see another balance update until a new fighter is released. With The Game Awards on December 10, one could very well be announced there and released soon thereafter. Until then, however, expect patch 9.0.2 to remain the current meta for a bit, especially if no new fighter is revealed before the end of the year.