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Smash Ultimate casters steal the show at Genesis 7 with epic rap battle

Published: 27/Jan/2020 10:16

by Connor Bennett


Super Smash bros casters Phil ‘EE’ Visu and Terrence ‘TKbreezy’ Kershaw devised a pretty impressive way to fill on their broadcast while waiting for games to get underway at Genesis 7, taking each other on in an impromptu rap battle. 

When it comes to delays during esports broadcasts, casters and analysts are sometimes thrown right into the deep and forced to fill a certain amount of time. Some broadcasts will give them a break and toss it to commercials, or a waiting screen, while others will leave it solely up to the talent. 

If they’ve missed something in their pre-game build-up that they can use as a talking point then they have the opportunity to drag out the delay with a drawn-out conversation. However, with a delay at the huge gaming event of Genesis 7, EE and TKBreezy took things to a whole new and impressive level.

An image from Nintendo's Super Smash Bros.
Smash tournaments have produced some of the best moments in esports history.

During the January 25 portion of the Smash event, the popular casting duo had been waiting for another match of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles tournament to get underway. In their delay, the pair plugged all of the other streams that fans could watch and praised the event itself before running out of filler material.

As luck would have it, a pretty catchy beat started playing in the background so they decided to face off in an impromptu rap battle – taking shots at each other – though it was EE who sent his casting partner into laughter.

“Wow, really came at my head. TK said I can’t spit, now you looking dead. When I go off, sound the alarm, code red, bout to put your ass right to bed,” he clapped back before setting off into a bout of laughter himself.

They even joked about having to waste time as the camera switched from them to show that the next match was getting ready. “We gotta fill, we gotta fill, we gotta fill!” TKBreezy called out. 

Thankfully for them, the match between DTM and ScAtt got underway without a hitch and the caster could go back to doing what they do best – entertaining fans with their Smash commentary.


$375,000 Pokemon Trading Card Game box opening ends in absolute tragedy

Published: 29/Oct/2020 20:21

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Trading Card Game livestream ended in disaster after it was quickly discovered that the booster packs were fake. The YouTube channel spent over $375k on the 1st Edition base set box, only for it to be resealed. 

Despite making its debut in 1999, the Pokemon TCG has exploded in popularity over the past two years. The hobby hit an all-time high in October when influencer Logan Paul opened a base set booster box he paid $216k for while livestreaming.

However, things didn’t work out as well for another YouTube channel who paid $375k for the same item. The livestream unboxing of the rare collectible quickly turned tragic when it was discovered that the TCG item was actually fake.

fake pokemon card booster box
Twitter: @DumbMoneyTV
The rare sealed 1st Edition booster box was actually fake.

Rare Pokemon TCG box opening ends in complete disaster

The event was hosted by YouTube channel ‘Dumb Money Live’ and included popular Pokemon content creators such as Lee ‘Leonhart’ Seinfeld. The rare 1st Edition base set booster box was bought for a record-breaking $375 through Logan Paul’s collectible trader ‘Collectables Guru.’

“The owner of the box supposedly bought three boxes when he was a child. They sat in the gun safe the entire time,” the Pokemon dealer explained. However, they quickly realized something was amiss after breaking the seal. Several booster packs were different colors, and some weren’t even 1st Edition.

“Oh no. That is a major f**king deal!” Guru exclaimed. The personality opening the box then revealed the problem: “It’s not even base set cards, these are Jungles! Wow. This is a resealed box. It’s random!”

(Topic starts at 35:41)

Upset, Collectable Guru called up the seller and explained that the box was resealed. “We opened the box literally live and they’re resealed packs. There is like base set 2 mixed in, half of them are 1st Edition. But they are all resealed, this is absolutely unacceptable. How is this going to be taken care of immediately?”

Stunned by the whole thing, Leonhart stood by and said, “Oh my gosh, I was not expecting that.” Guru came back and updated the group and explained that the seller had two other boxes that they were going to open first before bringing them back to the YouTubers.

youtubers opening fake pokemon card box
YouTube: Dumb Money LIVE
The YouTubers were floored after the rare Pokemon box was fake.

To add salt to the wound, the box opening was done on stream for charity. Dumb Money Live gave an update and addressed the situation a day later stating: “I don’t know a single person in my network that hasn’t been defrauded as an investor. You have to give sellers a benefit to make this right.”

At the time of writing, the situation has not been entirely rectified. The channel will open a booster pack on October 30 live to verify that the second box is actually real. However, it appears that if this one is fake as well, the seller claims they will refund the content creators their $375k.