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Smash pro says he got death threats after “rough” DreamHack experience

Published: 18/Nov/2019 21:18

by Michael Gwilliam


Smash Ultimate pro Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey said he started receiving death threats and other abuse after writing about his unpleasant DreamHack Atlanta experience on November 17.

While the TSM star had an underwhelming performance at DreamHack, his off-stream set against Wrath was the absolute worst. In a Twitlonger, the Evo 2019 runner-up alleged that the match began with him being heckled while his opponent was coached verbally and ‘physically’.

“They would say when things would take my stocks, say when I was recovering, the usual stuff you’ve probably heard of for midset coaching along with heckling,” Tweek claimed, but noted how he was no stranger to dealing with pressure.


What was weird though, according to Dempsey was the fact that his opponent “was being massaged” midset.

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Gavin wrote: “It was definitely a rough scenario for me, I figured if I said anything the heckling would definitely get worse, I’ve been in this scenario before so. So I didn’t do anything, I played the set, shook his hand, and left.”

“The coaching was very blatant to me, but part of me was also questioning if I was just exaggerating since I felt like some sort of staff or TO would definitely do something,” he added. It was then when Dempsey realized that staff and tournament organizers “were in the crowd” wanting him to lose.


Tweek concluded his post saying: “From now on I will definitely not be as nice as I have been and stand up for myself a bit more. I definitely deserve to play in playable conditions and will push for game losses and DQs if things like this ever happen again.”

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After posting the Twitlonger, Tweek alleged that he noticed people from Georgia and the southern United States replying and that he had been receiving harassment and death threats.

“I’m f*cking done,” the Smash pro said in one of his final tweets regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, Wraith has denied getting coaching and that the “massage” was just his girlfriend offering words of support. He also posted a nine-minute video of part of the set as proof that there was no coaching.


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Tweek, however, has dismissed the video as “evidence” because it’s not even half the set.

Zero Suit Samus prodigy Tyler ‘Marss’ Martins would go on to win the event defeating Ezra ‘Samsora’ Morris in the Grand Finals. Wraith finished in 7th place while Tweek’s run came to an end in 13th.