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Smash pro explains how he avoided tilt after lightning-fast 3-stock

Published: 30/Nov/2019 20:06

by Michael Gwilliam


French Smash Ultimate pro Mehdi ‘Flow’ Zidany was undeterred after suffering a humiliating quick defeat in game one of the DreamHack Winter Top 8 against Rayane ‘Ogey’ Noubli.

In the first game in what would go on to be an epic 5-stage set, Falcon main Ogey put on a clinic against his fellow LSE teammate, taking the first stock only 18 seconds in.

While Flow tried to strike back, his Roy fell victim to Falcon’s double up air into down tilt, with the roundhouse kick sending the sword fighter off the Pokemon Stadium stage and to his death nearly 35 seconds in.

The final stock was taken moments later after an off-stage skirmish put Falcon in a perfect position to down-air the Roy, meteoring Flow to take the game in only 47 seconds – fast, even for F-Zero standards.

For his part, Flow started laughing at his abysmal first game showing. Speaking with Dexerto, Zidany said he brushed it off.

“I was like ‘alright nothing happened, focus for the next game,’” he said. “I was like, ‘It’s all right just play your game wake up, this game didn’t count.’”

While Flow did lose the second game as well, it was nowhere near as dominant by Ogey, as the French Roy started finding his groove. He then proceeded to take the next two games, sending the series to a final deciding map 5.

Unfortunately for Flow, he found himself two stocks down and nearly 3-stocked once more by his fellow countryman.

“I knew I wasn’t playing well, so I focused on what I could do at the current moment,” Zidany told Dexerto.

NintendoNever give up. Trust your instincts.

After coming to his senses, Flow struck back and took two straight stocks, bringing the set to a last-hit-wins scenario.

“Sadly that didn’t make me win the set,” he admitted

While Zidany ultimately lost the war, he won numerous battles along the way, and showed exactly why keeping a clear head is important to doing well in fighting games – or any esport, for that matter.


Ryan Garcia challenges Super Smash Bros pro MkLeo to $30k wager match

Published: 24/Nov/2020 6:48 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 13:09

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Ryan Garcia might be a professional in the boxing ring, but now he’s looking to step into the Super Smash Bros. scene and take on one of the most dominant champions, MkLeo.

Ryan Garcia has been making headlines for the wrong reasons lately. However, it looks like he wants to turn a new leaf and win over some fans in the Super Smash Bros. community.

Surprisingly, he has been a dedicated fan and player of the game for many years now. “My love for smash started with [Super Smash Bros. Melee],” he said. “I watched the documentary and been playing ever since.” 

Ryan Garcia has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with Nintendo after they shut down The Big House. Now, it seems like he’s willing to put on a spectacle for the community and take on one of the biggest names in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ryan Garcia MkLeo Super Smash Bros Fight
John Locher
Ryan Garcia is one of the best boxers in his division.

“I challenge MkLeo to [a] 30,000$ [Super Smash Bros.] match,” he said.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, he also called for it to be a best-of-two series, meaning fans would get more of a show.

Leonardo López ‘MkLeo’ Pérez is widely considered to be the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player. He’s always risen above and beyond any challenge, and it wasn’t any different this time around. “Hey, I’m down to make this happen,” he said.

Naturally, he’d be the heavy favorite. It’s the equivalent of him stepping into a ring against Ryan Garcia, except the other way around. Still, Ryan Garcia was keen to get the ball rolling and asked him to “set a date.”

Ryan Garcia and MkLeo have more or less made a gentlemen’s agreement over the bout. But nothing is set in stone until an official announcement has been made. 

It’s an exciting prospect that Super Smash Bros. fans are looking forward to, even if they expect it to be heavily one-sided.

But for all we know, Ryan Garcia might have a couple of tricks up his sleeve. He might even be an absolute beast.