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NFL star Le’Veon Bell and Hungrybox hosting $10,000 Smash tournament

Published: 26/Apr/2020 17:35

by Michael Kelly


Team Liquid Smash pro Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma has linked up with New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell to present “The Box” – an 8,192 person Smash Ultimate tournament that features a prize pool of $10,000.

Earlier in April, the three-time Pro-Bowler posted on Instagram that he wanted to host an online tournament with a top prize of $1,500. However, when the idea generated a substantial amount of online buzz, the proposed first place winnings were raised to $2,500.


The Jets star is known to be a fan of the Smash Bros. franchise, as he even appeared at a local tournament in Ohio back in January.

When announcing the tournament on Twitter, Bell predicted that the event would be “the tourney of the year,” while Hungrybox is already calling the Team Liquid-sponsored event “the sickest online event the Smash world has seen.”


Registration for The Box is currently open on for North American players only. The tournament is completely free to enter.

The event is slated to begin on May 8 and last until May 10, modeling the tradition of Smash tournaments being held throughout the course of a given weekend.

And while the process of transitioning the Smash community into a fully online environment might come with its challenges, the most obvious upside to this unprecedented period is the fact the game is becoming more and more accessible to any prospective player.


And if there’s any one byproduct to emerge as a positive step in the right direction for the Smash scene as of late, it’s that prize money for the professional scene is getting a bit more respectable.

The Box and its $10,000 prize pool come in wake of “The Quarantine Series” – an in-progress online tourney circuit run by Jacob ‘Alpharad’ Rabon and Charlie ‘Critikal’ White, where the prize pool sits at $50,000.

If anything, this trend of online tournaments for the Smash community is not only making the game more accessible, it’s making the scene more lucrative.


If Bell sticks to the idea of a $2,500 top prize for The Box, payouts could rival those of a national supermajor. With recent online prize pools boasting higher marks compared to some of 2019’s biggest tournaments, it’s possible that an economic turn of events could be on the horizon for professional Smash.


Hungrybox demonstrates why Steve is so “busted” in Smash Ultimate

Published: 18/Oct/2020 20:02

by Bill Cooney


Minecraft’s Steve has finally arrived in Smash Ultimate, and players are busy familiarizing themselves with his move set. It has so much potential, streamer Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma had no other way to describe it than “broken.”

Steve and the rest of the Minecraft fighter skins joined Smash in early October, and have definitely been making waves ever since.


His kit is one of the most unique in Smash, requiring players to mine for materials by hitting the stage with the pickaxe in order to get the most power out of his moves.

If they are fully-charged, those abilities can put some serious hurt on opponents, which Hungrybox discovered almost immediately while trying out the character on stream.


“He’s crazy, he’s actually crazy man. Busted,” the Smash pro argued. “You have to be constantly building and mining, but once you get a diamond, you’re good.”

Diamonds are used to upgrade your weapons, which increases Steve’s melee attack power significantly. Even though he lacks a ton of range, the Jigglypuff main noted, he more than makes up for it with the amount of damage he’s able to put out.

One of the most impressive combos shared by Hungrybox has to be what’s known as the ‘Thanos Car’ where Steve sets up two blocks then deploys his minecart to bounce between them. Time it just right, and you’ll be able to catch enemies coming off the ledge with a fully-charged hit after breaking one of the tiles.


The fact that this combo already exists is a testament not just to Steve’s power, but the creativity of the Smash community as a whole, who definitely waste no time experimenting when a new fighter hits the scene.

Steve might be an absolute powerhouse, but that doesn’t mean his rollout didn’t have a few hiccups as well. Like one very annoying bug that sends opponents through the map when facing off against him, as if he needed any more help winning.

While he seems incredibly powerful now, it’s only a matter of time (hopefully) before players like Hungrybox start working on ways to counter the Minecraft star. Still, we can already tell that nasty down smash will definitely cause its fair share of tilt in matches going forward.