Ms. Marvel confirms Super Smash Bros officially exists in the MCU

. 27 days ago
Ms Marvel confirms Smash Bros in MCU

The latest Disney+ MCU show Ms. Marvel has revealed that Super Smash Bros. actually exists within the Marvel universe and fans love it.

Much like The Avengers gathered all the best Marvel superheroes, Super Smash Bros Ultimate brought many of the top video game characters in history for a fighting game crossover of epic proportions.

It seems like someone at Marvel is a fan of the series too as early on in episode one of Ms. Marvel, it’s revealed that Kamala Khan enjoys the game quite a bit, while one of her friends despises it.

With the addition of Smash in the MCU, Nintendo’s platform fighter joins the ranks of Fortnite and Galaga as canonically existing, and fans are going bonkers at the reveal.

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Smash fans react to reference in Ms. Marvel

After the episode aired, fans began posting on social media celebrating the crossover between the MCU and Smash, finding it comical that one character even hates the game.

“They mentioned Smash Bros in Ms. Marvel AND a character said they hated the game. This is the greatest show of all time,” one user joked.

Another gave the show a raving review of 20/10 after the Smash name drop. Others wondered if Kingdom Hearts’ Sora appearing in Smash paved the way for the game to be referenced in an official Disney property.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re going to start seeing Spider-Man enter weekly Smash tournaments to pay off his student loans anytime soon, but it’s always fun seeing a video game get some love in new TV shows and movies.

As for whether or not we actually see Kamala and friends play Nintendo’s fighting game, there are still five more episodes on the docket for that to happen with episode 2 scheduled for June 15.

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