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Internet split on legitimacy of Geno and Doomguy Smash Ultimate leaks

Published: 5/Nov/2019 21:08 Updated: 5/Nov/2019 21:59

by Michael Gwilliam


As the Smash Bros Ultimate community anxiously awaits the arrival of the game’s next fighter, Terry Bogard, new leaks have surfaced suggesting that both Doomguy and Geno are next up, but the internet is divided.

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On Monday November 4, a photo appeared on 4chan showing two new Mii Brawler costumes with Cacodemon from Doom and Mallow from Super Mario RPG. Doomguy has been rumored to be coming to Smash and Geno has been a fan-favorite choice for awhile. 

If the photo wasn’t enough, a full video of the Miis in their costumes also surfaced showing the costume-wearing fighters in action.


Are these Mii costumes legitimate or a mod?
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The reason the costumes are so intriguing is because with every new fighter added, special costumes from his or her franchise accompany that DLC suggesting that Doomguy and Geno could be new fighters.

There are two more possibilities: the costumes are similar to the Sans from Undertale ones in which a franchise is celebrated within Smash but doesn’t actually have a fighter or stage presence or the costumes were made in a mod of the game and the whole thing is a hoax. 

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Twitter users are divided over the supposed leaks with some claiming they’re fake while others want to keep the dream alive. 


User Colin Bruce pointed out that Geno is from 1996’s Super Mario RPG and while he and Doomguy are fan favorites, they’re a stretch.

Others, such as Starman, are content with seeing the Cacodemon Mii hat and take that alone as a win, mod or not. 

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Who is Smash’s fifth DLC fighter? 

In addition to this recent Doomguy and Geno leak, there have been several leaks ever since Terry was announced. 

A couple of well-known leakers Brew Elfen and IAmShifty have both suggested or outright said that Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden would come to Smash.

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Additionally, in a September 19 tweet, Scott Menville, known for doing the voice of Lloyd Irving in the English rendition of Tales of Symphonia suggested he could be appearing in a Smash title. 


While Nintendo claimed that they won’t have any info on unannounced fighters during their upcoming presentation on Terry Bogard, it’s possible Nintendo could unveil the character at the Video Game Awards like they did with Persona 5’s Joker. 

This year’s Video Game Awards are scheduled for December 12, 2019.