Did Smash Ultimate debunk Ring Fit fighter DLC with spirit board event? - Dexerto

Did Smash Ultimate debunk Ring Fit fighter DLC with spirit board event?

Published: 11/Mar/2020 21:35

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate may have dismissed the chances of a Ring Fit character coming to the game with its latest event.

On March 10, Nintendo’s flagship fighter announced its upcoming spirit event “Spirits Fit for a Fight,” which will feature Ring Fit characters.

Spirits are similar to Assist Trophies, but are basically items equipped before a battle that give fighters different attributes, such as spawning with an item, healing or receiving less damage.

Ring Fit is getting a Spirit event.

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Essentially, spirits, just like Mii costumes, allow Smash to celebrate gaming franchises without going as far as adding a character from that series to the game.


While Nintendo has never stated that spirits couldn’t eventually become fighters, there has yet to be an instance of a spirit becoming a playable character.

With only six DLC fighters left, all of which which have been pre-selected by Nintendo, it’s unlikely that a character would get an event before being added.

Spirits have yet to become playable fighters.

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Ring Fit Adventure has been a hit for the Nintendo Switch, with 2.17 million units shipped worldwide in 2019. Its success put the title in contention to receive a fighter in the future – similar to that of Wii Fit Trainer.

Sadly, it’s unlikely that Nintendo would reverse the trend of spirits not becoming playable fighters. This is bad news for anyone who wanted a character from Resident Evil or Warframe as DLC, considering those two franchises have already received spirit board events.

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It’s unlikely there will be a Resident Evil fighter in Smash.

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That said, if Nintendo were to throw a curveball, this would be the time do it. Rumors have been circulating that a Nintendo Direct is imminent, so announcing that Ring Fit would be getting fighter representation during a spirit event would catch many fans off-guard.

“Spirits Fit for a Fight” is scheduled to begin March 13, 2020 and conclude five days later on March 18.