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Armored Mewtwo Smash Ultimate mod proves Nintendo should add DLC costumes

Published: 17/Sep/2020 21:44

by Michael Gwilliam


A Smash Ultimate modder found a way to give Mewtwo a bit of a transformation into his Armored variant as seen in Pokemon The First Movie, Pokemon Go, and more.

Smash Ultimate does a nice job of including some costume variety which pays homage to fighters’ past games. For instance, Mario can wear his wedding outfit from Odyssey, Cloud has both his Final Fantasy 7 and Advent Children looks, and Bowser JR’s outfits change him into completely different Koopa Kids.

Some color variants even change a fighter’s gender such as with Pokemon Trainer, Byleth, and Wii Fit Trainer.

However, not every fighter is so lucky and Mewtwo is one of the characters without unique outfit options, which makes this mod by mastaklo all the better.

Armored Mewtwo Smash Ultimate mod
Armored Mewtwo looks amazing in Smash Ultimate.

As you can see in the video, to select the Armored Mewtwo attire, all you have to do is select a different color option for the legendary Pokemon.

While most fighter mods retain the original character’s appearance on screen in some capacity, this one is extremely natural and begs the question: why isn’t this an option in the regular game?

Nothing super flashy is added for the gameplay either, so there’s no unique effects for choosing this particular outfit, but it looks really good in-game.

At the moment, the download for the mod is only available on mastaklo’s Patreon, but it will have a public release come October 16, 2020.

Nintendo has added Mii costumes to the game as DLC, but new fighter outfits or skins have never been available. Something like Armored Mewtwo could potentially do very well and keep people invested in-between new fighter announcements.

Hopefully, we see something like this down the line sometime during Smash Ultimate’s lifespan.


How to get Bugsnax for free on PlayStation 5 with PS Plus

Published: 28/Oct/2020 19:44

by Andrew Highton


The adorable and charming little adventure game – Bugsnax – has been announced as the first free PlayStation 5 game for PS Plus owners. We’ll detail how you can secure your free copy of this cute concept on the PS5’s launch day.

Bugsnax is officially going to be free for PlayStation 5, PS Plus members when the console launches. The unique title is centered around Snaktooth Island and the player is tasked with visiting this remote island to investigate the island’s creatures. They are called Bugsnax. Half bug. Half snack.

Unlike most PS Plus games of late only being available for a single month. According to the PlayStation Blog, Bugsnax is actually going to be free until January 4, 2021. This offers a large window for people who haven’t been fortunate enough to secure their pre-order of the console.

characters in Bugsnax

How to get yourself a free copy of Bugsnax

The PlayStation Plus scheme has been around for a long time. You pay either a monthly subscription or an annual fee to sign up for PlayStation Plus.

Once you have done that, then you’re able to gain access to free games every month.

Once you have your PS5 setup, simply go to the store, go to the PS Plus section, and download the game for free.

The game has 2 trophy lists too

The developers of the game – Young Horses – also provided an update on Bugsnax and how trophies work with the game:

“We also wanted to provide some insight for the Trophy hunters out there: Bugsnax will have standalone Trophy lists for both PS5 and PS4, which means… you get double the fun, and double the Trophies! We’re also looking into supporting save transfers from your PS4 to your PS5, which would be added in a future update.”

Bugsnax will be free to download to Playstation 5 owners with PS Plus on launch day. It’s not free for PS4 owners.