Red Dead Online player takes out a griefer in the most satisfying way yet

Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online has become an anarchic free-for-all since it’s release, with stories of over-aggressive players killing and ruining everything in sight; but one player decided to give another rampaging user a taste of their own medicine.

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Towns in Red Dead Online are major hot spots for attacking other players, if players have items or goods they want to sell or upgrades they want to purchase, towns are usually the only place to find those things.

So, after this player was attacked while they were just trying to enjoy some stew, they decided revenge was a dish best served hot, right at that moment.

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In the clip, posted to Reddit by user Retarded_Soup, the player was walking down the street in Valentine, eating some stew and pretty much minding their own business, until another player charges down the street, lasso in hand ready to cause some trouble.

They manage to lasso the stew-eater and attempt to finish them off, but the player isn’t going down that easily.

After escaping, they take out their own lasso and hogtie their attacker on the curb before tossing a stick of dynamite right on top of them.

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Next thing you know, there’s nothing left of the griefer but a cloud of dust where they used to be tied up.

Red Dead Online has received some criticism for the way PvP operates in the game, but for now it seems like the best strategy is to just fight fire with fire, or in this case, dynamite.