Best horse in RDR2: Where to find best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 & Online

Dutch and the Van Der Linde gang riding on horses in RDR2Rockstar Games

Horses are an important part of gameplay in Red Dead Redemption 2, but which horse is the best horse in RDR2? Here’s exactly what you need to know and where you can find it out in the Old West.

Choosing the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 can make a massive difference. Not only is speed important, but your horse needs to be tough, handle well, and be useful in a variety of other situations. Horses have been incorporated into lots of different mechanics in the game, so there’s much more to them than simply a means of transportation.

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Here’s the best horse in RDR2, where to find it, and why it’s considered the ultimate companion for any outlaw in the Old West.


the Rose Bay Grey Arabian, the best horse in red dead redemption 2Rockstar Games / Reddit: nkolairo
The Grey Arabian horse is the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2.

What is the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The Rose Grey Bay Arabian is considered the best horse in RDR2. The horse is so good, it’s the only horse listed as “Superior” in the game’s ranking system, placing it head and shoulders above the rest. When it comes to stats, it’s pretty good, right out of the stable:

  • The Rose Grey Arabian is a 7 in terms of health and stamina, and a 6 for speed and acceleration.
  • Once fully upgraded, the Arabian horse can have a total of 10 health and stamina alongside 8 in speed and acceleration.
Arabian Horse Red Dead RedemptionRockstar Games / YouTube: Shirrako
The White Arabian Horse can be caught in the wild.

How to unlock Arabian horses in RDR2

Unfortunately, the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 can only be purchased after completing Chapter 6 of the main story. The Rose Grey Bay Arabian horse costs $1,250, which isn’t too much of a price to pay at this late stage in the game.

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Alternatively, you can purchase a Black Arabian horse at the end of Chapter 4 for $1,050, but its overall stats are lower than its endgame counterpart. If you’ve got the cash to spend though, feel free to buy and upgrade both.

  • Once they’ve been unlocked, the Rose Grey Bay and Black Arabian horses are available at The Stable for purchase.
Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2 on horsebackRockstar Games
Dutch rides a White Arabian horse, sadly, you’ll need to find your own.

Where to find a White wild Arabian horse in RDR2

As a second alternative to the Rose Grey Bay, you can find and tame a wild White Arabian horse as early as Chapter 2, but their stats are much lower than the one you can purchase at a Stable. Even when fully upgraded, they are still weaker than the previously mentioned Black variety that becomes purchasable at the end of Chapter 4.

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The wild White Arabian Horse can be found near the bank of Lake Isabella in the western Grizzlies in the state of Ambarino. Be warned though, that they are very skittish, although they’re worth the effort until you can buy a better horse.

White Arabian Horse Red Dead Redemption 2Rockstar Games / YouTube: WiLL C
The wild Arabian Horse will still need to be trained.

Best horse in Red Dead Online

The best horse in Red Dead Online is the Missouri Fox Trotter. This horse is by far the fastest in the game, and when fully upgraded, cannot be matched by any other.

To obtain it, you’ll need to part with $950 at the Stable. While this is a lot of money for those early in the game, it’s well worth the money and will give those who do a huge advantage going forward.

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So, there you have it – everything you need to know about the best horse in RDR2.

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