Red Dead Online player is spending their time spreading Christmas spirit as Santa Claus

Bill Cooney
Rockstar Games

Players have a ton of freedom in Red Dead Online, and while many have chosen to attack anyone they encounter, one player has decided to roam the West spreading Christmas cheer as Santa Claus.

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Encounters between players have been interesting, to say the least; immediately after Red Dead’s online mode released, one streamer even got lassoed and drug behind a horse the first time he met another player.

But, there have been examples of positive interactions as well, as shown by the recent clip of a player rescuing another just before they fall to their death over a waterfall.

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Now, according to a post on Reddit,  it seems there’s a player roaming the wilderness dressed as Santa Claus handing out skins and big fish to any player nice enough not to kill them and their donkey.

Red Dead Santa, in all his glory.

According to the post, Santa has requested any players he encounter to “not hog tie him and kill his donkey because that is very mean and makes him sad.”

This Santa has obviously seen some things.

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Red Dead Santa even let the poster, horticult, snap an image of them, and they look pretty much like you would expect a Wild West Santa Claus to look.

Only PS4 players have the chance to encounter Red Dead Santa, unless there’s a brave and dedicated player willing to bring some Christmas spirit to Xbox One.